Amazon Affiliate Websites for Sale-Very Cheap Rate

Established Amazon Affiliate Websites for Sale-Earn Monthly Minimum 250$.

Seller’s Notes

”I am Amazon Affiliate Website Developer and Marketer” is an Established Amazon Affiliate Marketing Profitable Blog.

Monthly Cost And Net profit:

Monthly You Spend Only $30usd For Promote This Blog to Targeted People. Then you will get Minimum 700 Visitor and You will Earn Monthly Minimum 250$.  I have a freelancer Who Provide Monthly 15 Guest Post and 50 High Quality Backlinks for My Blog. Interested Buyer will get this Promoter contact info. 

When I have Started This blog?

From March 2018.

How to get Visitors to this Blog?

I get daily around 40-50 targeted visitors from social media marketing. BUT If I spend Daily 15-30 Minutes in Facebook and Google Plus Then Monthly I can also drive Around 1500 Targeted Visitors. But I will Teach this secret methods to Interested Buyer “How to get targeted Visitors from Facebook and Google Plus”.

Let me Explain you More:

Step One: Daily You Will Spend 20-30 Minutes In  facebook. I  Will Teach You Facebook and Google Plus Marketing Process. Daily You will get around 40-50 Targeted Visitors from Facebook and Google Plus. This is White hat Method. You need Only Facebook and Google Plus Account.

But Now I don’t Have time to spend daily 30 Minutes So I Hired a Promoter.

Step Two: If You don’t have time to spend daily 30 minutes Then I will give you a web promoter (He is promoting My blog). He will take Monthly 30usd. He will also drive Monthly 1500 visitors. You will also earn same amount.

Shall I teach this facebook and Google Plus Marketing Process to Interest Buyer?
Yes I will also teach this process to my Interested Buyer. Daily You have to spend Only 30 minutes and Daily you can drive around 40-50 targeted visitors.

Or, If you Can Not Spend Daily 20-30 Minutes Then I will give you a promoter who will takes monthly 30usd for promote this blog (Currently he is promoting this blog).

Am I getting Traffic from Google/ Search engine?

No. I have not Completed SEO/Search Engine optimization For My blog. Because SEO is very costly and slow process. Minimum I have to invest $500usd With SEO. So why I will invest $500usd? If easily i can get Targeted Visitors from Social Media ?

Do I Have Any Facebook Fanpage?

No I don’t Have any FB Page. Because It is also hard process For Manage Fans to FB Fanpage. But I use a White hat method For Drive targeted Visitors .I will Teach this Methods to My Interested Buyer. 

  Ok! How Do I earn money With this blog?
I have Explained about that… Very simple.. I Spend Daily 20-30 Minutes in Social Media.. I Promote my blog in facebook and Google Plus.. I get traffic…Traffic read my blog…I have added Amazon affiliate  products  in my  blog…people buy products from Amazon and I get  Commissions….
But Currently I have a web promoter who is promoting my blog. He is taking Monthly 30usd. I am earning with Amazon.
Actually is providing best kettlebell, kettlebell Reviews for body fitness
    Look Few Posts:

Ok! So Now Do I need To Update Contents?

No Not Now. That is Established Blog. So Now You don’t Need to Post New Articles. But I will Give You a Content Writer. You can Contact him after 8-9 Months later for Update new contents. He will take $1usd for each article.

Cannot You Do SEO after buying this blog?

Yes You can do SEO for this blog for improve Your Google Rank and get more profits…

Who will buy this Blog?

If you want to earn money online then you can buy this Blog… But You have to spend daily Minimum 20-30 minutes with facebook and Google Plus…Because I will teach you few process and I will also give a video  tutorial “How  to Promote This Blog”… So daily you have to spend time with Facebook and Google Plus. Then monthly Continue You will earn around $250usd or More.

Why Should you buy this blog?

No Experience Required. Easy to maintain..WordPress Based CMS.
Established Blog. So You don’t need to invest for run this blog.

What You need to earn with this blog?

Nothing. Just You need Amazon affiliate marketing Account. I will add Your Amazon affiliate marketing products in this blog..

What will you get?

1) Domain Name:
2) Website, all files, All contents
3) 1 Year free web hosting, Hosting cpanel Login info.
4) Facebook and Google Plus Marketing Methods with video tutorial.
5) Blog Promoting Methods.
6) 30 days free support

Why Am I Selling This blog?

Two Reasons:
1) I want to run another projects. So I don’t Need this Blog.
2) Need Money at this Moment.

How to Pay me?

Payoneer Or Escrow is safety for Buyer and seller.
1) 1st I will send you escrow transaction request.
2) You will join to escrow and you will accept my request.
3) You will process payment….
4) We will accept one days Inspection Period
5) Escrow will approve payment
6) I will send you domain name and website, all logins, web hosting login.
7) You will receive and you will release my payment.
8) Then I will give you web promoter and I will teach you blog, website promoting method. I will also send you video tutorials.

Contact With Us To Know Price – Email:-

                                                                     Skype:- Itseozone



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