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A Simple Standard Business Plan Outline Strategies- 2018

Your business plan outline is the foundation for top website placement.  Believe it or not, keyword selection is so much easier when you have sorted your thoughts and put a workable business plan in place.

Traditionally, business plan outlines have been used in offline businesses. Today, with  internet marketing at its competitive highest,  it is essential to have a clear picture and a solid foundation for your website venture.  Thus, having at least a basic business plan outline is critical to profitability.   SBI  has figured this out and included traditional business planning in their software designed for any internet business.  SBI also provides its weight in gold in free courses in various fields such as info products, pricing, net auctions, service sellers, and affiliate business websites.  For a complete list and to examine these in depth, click here.If you are just starting out, writing a business plan outline can seem overwhelming.  Help is on the way.  Business Plans from Template Zonehave an excellent system for guiding you through the maze of questions that must be considered. Their array of products can certainly help simplify the process.Palo Alto Software has an equally amazing lineup of useful products to help with the building plan outline process. Web Strategy Pro is specifically designed to keep you on track with any web business you should choose. Take a look at the many Sample Business Plans and templates available.If you’re just getting ideas for starting a business, this is a great way to look through various topics to help you brainstorm ideas..

Always be on the lookout for those KEYwords that you will use later on…Write them down as they come to you.This is one of the easiest ways to create your business plan outline. Do your homework for top website placement and avoid many, many headaches later on!Business Plans for Dummies by Steven Peterson and Peter E. Jarets is simply written and has templates and a CD that guide you step by step.

Another book that is an easy read for the beginner is Your First Business Plan by Joseph Covello.  He simplifies the process by presenting a series of uncomplicated questions and answers for you to follow.And, of course, Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have an excellent selection of printed materials for you to choose from. For the most part, a business plan outline serves two masters – the financial planning and the company’s operating plan.As the term implies, a business plan is just that: a plan…an outline of your ideas and vision into a concise document, that when read by anyone not connected with you or your business, will have the same, or as close to the same, understanding of your business as you do.This is mostly important if you are seeking funding for your project. If not, this document can be reviewed by friends and family instead. What is BitClub Network?

This will give you a good idea if your ideas are sound. Sometimes family can be your worst critic….well, this is their chance! Work out the bugs now…not later after you have spent time and money.The contents of a business plan outline are fairly standard. If you have the main components, the order doesn’t matter much. Not all parts will be applicable to your website business, especially if you are a home-based business with just yourself pouring over the computer at 2 a.m. every night!

Remember, the most important thing is that someone else can read this document and understand it as clearly as you do! Keep your business plan outline simple, short, and only include what is really needed…don’t complicate life or your business plan outline!

A closing thought; as your business grows, so should your business plan outline …review it quarterly, make changes, adjust review…then get back to running your business. If you do this, it will be impossible for you to lose track of your progress and ultimate success measured by profitability based on your well thought out business plan outline.

Woman In Business

A woman in business, Alicia Monroe, shares her history in helping others stay on the path to profitability!
This woman in business was born and raised in New York and now calls Apple Valley, CA her home.Her life and career have been guided by her driving desire to assist businesses and individuals to focus on their goals and dreams. She has done this by helping others conceive a vision, develop a plan, implement the details, and finally, provide motivation to achieve their goals.Working with industry-specific computer systems has been her forte for over 25 years. This has lead to a diverse and unique background as a woman in business specializing in transportation. She has the innate ability to oversee and organize large projects providing practical solutions.

She served as in-house consultant to one of the largest private yacht companies in California.As a woman in business, she has also created, wrote and implemented various company Policy manuals and Standard Operating Procedures. She is an expert in numerous computer software programs for office, multimedia, IT, and specialized computer systems in aviation, mealtime court reporting, emergency response, and television production.This woman in business has a proven track record from classical guitar (back in the day) to Executive Director of a Los Angeles area Chamber of Commerce, to numerous local TV productions. This woman in business has the experience that helps her keep an eye on the profitability of any project. Today, Alicia Monroe is a single grandmother helping her daughter raise her children in sunny CA.

Home based businesses understand all too well the value of working at home…and so does Alicia. As a woman in business based from home, she now spends much of her time testing programs and helping people attain their top website rankings with as short a learning curve as possible. She has instituted this web site as a living test of Ken Evoy’s flagship product called Site Build It.. She will report on its functionality and usefulness to the small business owner, the home based business owner, the info products creator, and professional web site designers

Within this web site she has created the MENTOR ME live tutoring service, completely free, for those who find themselves lost in the sea of information overload. Through the years, she has become known as the quintessential renaissance woman in business today. Her diverse experience has lent itself to helping guide others in making knowledgeable and profitable choices.Like anything else in life, if you persevere the answers will present themselves. She found expert after expert and came across a number of great resources and presents a select few for your review.<align=”center”>Decide for yourself.There is a great deal of information beyond these links, so you might want to bookmark this page for later reference… or just in case you have questions, especially from the man or woman in business thinking about using SBI…

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Keyword Ranking and Search Engine Rankings

Keyword rankings research is most often one of the most difficult phases of web building. Once you have taken care of the research, writing search engine optimized pages is relatively simple. Well, simpler, anyway!

In order to start the keyword rankings and research phase, we will first assume you have covered the basics:

1. What are your expectations?  Know your goal:

“My website’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”

2. You’ve put together your basic Business Plan Outline; you’ve brainstormed your business niche, target market, and website theme.

If you have not done this yet…then you’re going the 

IMPORTANT:  Go back and review the first two steps listed above.

On the other hand, if you feel you have a solid foundation, then let’s move forward to keyword rankings research.

Beginning Your Keyword Rankings Research

During your niche and website theme research, you no doubt found industry terms or words.  Depending on how “nichie” or technical your niche might be, most searchers will use descriptive terms that relate to your specific product/service.

Let’s say your theme is about green whirling widgets.  What keywords might they use to find you?

green, whirling, widgets, small, large, medium, cheap, durable, deluxe, strong, repair, fix, glowing…

So with all these choices (and many more) how do you choose?
What keyword rankings research method works best?

It’s not which one method works, but more about the combination of keyword rankings research methods you use to create your search engine optimized pages with your final keyword selections.

I can’t stress too often that the internet is a fluid entity changing almost daily in its look and feel.  It is driven by the needs of the consuming public, and it is to these trends we all must follow.  In effect, people will find you just like they do in the yellow pages or when calling 411.  Search engines are challenged with delivering relevant results to those seeking the 411, and they constantly adjust their algorithms (fancy math) to reflect this and to keep the website riff raff at bay.

Back to our example. First they will categorize you in the overall sense…your very general KEYword..In this case widgets.

Next, they will narrow the field down by type or general characteristic. green widget

This next narrowing of the field will be done if the general category and type are so abundant with products/services that further identification is needed, thus…green whirling widgets

Still too broad?  small, durable, deluxe, green whirling widgets and so forth.

Keyword Rankings = Single Word or Phrase?

A general rule of thumb is that a single keyword is too highly searched and would be virtually impossible to obtain keyword rankings in the top 10..Far too general for the searcher and far too expensive for the web business builder, unless of course you have a budget like Amazon!

As in the case of our widgets, varying phrases would be more identifiable with a much greater chance of success.  Two-word searches are really good, but three-word searches can be just as good.  By the time you get to four or more word searches, you might find that your niche is quite specific, so with that in mind use it if your keyword rankings research shows good potential for profitability. 


Here are a  few invaluable tools that can be used in your keyword rankings analysis.

Wordtracker   is an excellent search tool that tells you how often people search and also how many competing sites use those keywords.  It helps find keyword combinations, gives you their popularity and shows you your chances for making the top 10.  It has a free trial, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Wordtracker will also send you the top 500 frequently searched words on the Internet, completely FREE of charge, just sign up.

Google Adwords Suggestion Tool is another free tool to help you cross check your findings.

7 Search Keyword Tool is another free tool that tells you how many, people searched that keyword last month

SBI consistently has top ranking profitable websites through an integrated keyword rankings research program called SBI Manager.  Manager not only gives you supply, demand, and profitability, but it has a wonderful brainstorming feature that allows great flexibility when manipulating the various keywords rankings research methods.

By using a combination of all of these tools and cross checking your results, you will start getting a pretty clear picture of the path to follow before you actually start creating your keyword focused content website.


If you are good at English, try putting together a list of action verbs and combining them with your selective niche keywords and then plug them into the keyword rankings research tools suggested above.

When you try to search do you talk to your computer such as “How can I..”, ” How do I…”,”How to…”

Many searchers will put in the .com

Try common incorrect spellings or use the plural form of the word.

Most searchers will err on the side of simplicity

Most searchers are not typists

On the average, most searchers  have an 8th grade reading level.

Most are not interested in learning a new skill, so will continue to search as they do in the yellow pages or the library.

Your future customer is a real human being, and being such, keep your terms as well-defined and clearly descriptive of your products/services as possible.  The point here is the customers you are looking for aren’t a computer and they aren’t a dictionary. So when you do your keyword rankings research, you can’t be either .

Are you seeing, now, why your business plan outline is so very, very, important?  I hope so, and  with a little bit of extra thought during the keyword rankings research, you’ll  come up with just the right blend of keywords that form phrases that will meet your goal:

 “My website’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”

Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings are achieved through the choices you make when you SEO (search engine optimize) your pages with KEYwords that target the click-through customer. Isn’t that

 what you really want to achieve as a business with products/services, professional webmaster or even as a newbie web builder? 

Our primary focus is to have an income producing web business as opposed to a traffic-generating web site.

So, what does that really mean? Since the search engine rankings and optimization process start with the choices you make for KEYwords, then it stands to reason that your KEYword analysis must focus on the end result your website is expected to achieve.

WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS?Is your website strictly meant to be an online presence without regard to traffic or income? Then it’s a no brainier!Forget about the KEYwords! You don’t need them!Maybe all you want is a place to put your photo album or share personal stories with other family or friends…this is great, and many people do exactly that! Maybe you want to join a few community groups and share your hobbies or travel experiences…in these cases, there is absolutely no reason to battle with the KEYword and search engine rankings issue. Be creative…enjoy your online time, but do not expect your website to make money! BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME…ha! NOT! 

On the other hand,are you an information junky who would like to make money doing what you know how to to do? Are you a home-based business, net auction company , are you selling products/ services , or maybe an off-line brick and mortar business wishing to expand your incomes tream to the internet? Whatever you may be, if you are trying to make money on the web, then you must keep your eye on the prize…

YOU are looking for those customers who are ready to spend money at your website!Your objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time. Lest you forget this, type it out and paste it in front of you each time you work on your search engine rankings…no matter who you are!Don’t waste time, lose direction, patience or $$$$ whether a pro or beginner be…make this your mantra as you delve into your quest forsearch engine rankings and SEO through the proper choice of KEYword phrases and their analysis….“My website’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”This, my dear friends, is what it’s all about.SEO is a series of detailed actions. Each one individually is quite simple to implement. However, add them all together and there is quite a bit of room for error. We have put together 1-5 EZ Tips and 6-10 EZ tips to get you started in your search engine rankings journey.Have Questions? Click Here to get them answered now! Or, feel free ro use our free service Mentor Me. 

Website Placement

Top website placement is a combination of creative ideas, the business plan, and the marketing campaign that fuels them.

Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at the flagship product we are using to test our own website placement
We’ll examine what marketing expert, Ken Evoy, and others have to say about creating solid business plans, pre planning, and marketing before starting down the internet super highway.

Are all experts created equal? Hardly! Along the way we will review other products and services, both free and paid. We’ll be looking at what it takes to attain those coveted website placement spots.

We’ll be examing how to find in-demand keywords, target marketing, pre-selling, design sites, software, consultants,…I could go on forever, but you get the point!

We hope to present an unbiased view when reporting on ease of use (or not) as the case may be. We will also provide information that will help save time and money no matter which direction you choose or what products you think are best for your specific learning process.Website placement starts long before the selection of KEYwords or optimizing a page for the search engines! It starts with a solid concept followed by sound business plans. Then, add an inspired dose of CREATIVITY fueled by SMART MARKETING…this is your roadmap to top placement in the search engines. 

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5 Way-How to Get Your Website on Google First Page

1. Nine Seo Mistakes To Avoid

You make your own hours. you answer to yourself you choose which clients you use. You have the freedom to create something from nothing, view it. There are a variety of ways to generate money on line.

Traffic is the name of the game on the Internet. You can have the greatest looking website on the Net, but if you don’t have any traffic, you’ve got nothing. If you’re interested in making money on the Internet, traffic is step number one.

To be able to impress your customers who will be visiting your website, then you should an attractive web design. It is well known that the keywords and content that you use on your website will help you generate more traffic to your site, but with a web design that is attractive will help you with the increase of conversion rates. You can use HTML, PHP and CSS to make your website simple and easy. But to avoid making any mistakes that can be well avoided, then you can hire the services of a wed design company.

That statement alone exposes improve website ranking is valuable in Googles’ eyes. High page ranked sites and links coming from them are more applicable and more valuable to obtain.

If your website is up and running with a designated URL, you will not be able to make any changes. But it is important that you give serious thought when you choose the Domain Name for your website at the initial stage itself. It is advantageous to have your prime keyword or words in the URL and preferably at the beginning of the URL.

Google will generally crawl your blog after a few hours when you create a new post. Wait a full day before you delete the post to be sure that it has been visited by Google.

If you have no idea about search engine optimization and you want to start getting more traffic to your website -then I still hesitate to recommend hiring an SEO consultant.

Consider starting a blog for your business, the sooner the better. Just as it has becomes standard for a business to have a website, it ought to be a standard too!

It is a lot cheaper than if you employ a search engine optimization company so that you can. Phrases of of hyperlink advertising and marketing, possibilities several goods that you should be aware.

2. How To Obtain A Top Internet Website Ranking

You have to keep track of how a lot of time you devote to projects. What exist in them should the computer is formatted and data is lost? Reciprocal links: Any such hyperlink is like a possible downside.

There are many ways to make money on line. Whether you are selling products or service, your success will be determined by your ability to get interested people to visit your website. We refer to these visitors as targeted traffic.

Taking care of your own accounts. i.e invoicing, paying bills, paying tax… Not all of us can handle this at first, as we’re not accountants. One thing I would recommend is utilise the services of a bookkeeper. There are also some websites and programs out there which can manage billing for you.

Just writing the content is not enough. You must not fill the matter with keywords. If you do not pay attention to the keyword usage, then it may so happen that your website ranking may fall to an extent.

Should you need papers done by experts or works completed by scholars, search engines have the ability to direct you to these. What you need to do then is to locate the one that will fit your requirement.

I. Search engine optimization. This enables you to make your website visible by people when they do a keyword search looking for information. To increase your search engine ranking, you have to apply 3 basic ways which include keyword optimization, building inbound links and having local search listings.

Nevertheless, that does not mean you should not be doing your own SEO especially if you have the passion for the idea. In fact, who else knows your company better than yourself? You will be the best person to fully understand what your business depends upon, what your product together with service is, know your target market, and lastly, how to arrive at those ideal customers.

When it comes right down to it, using link advertising in your website business is important. It should be part of your strategy of constructing a nicely founded, high quality website. In any case, you do want the search engines to rank you properly sufficient to get visitors. Why not use other people’s rankings to help you to get a few of these guests as effectively? Briefly, utilizing link advertising and marketing is a device you need to think about for a successful website design that ranks properly with the search engines.

To do SEO, for you to do online and offline changes to web site. Best selling sites by simply them are Blogger, WordPress and others. But the to recognize they work using different ways.

3. How To Extend Your Website Ranking On Search Engines

Your content must cover one topic and pay for it well. Some include directory submission, blogging, forum participation, link exchanging and a whole lot. You could do some regarding SEO your venture.

If you own a website, advertising it should be your main priority. Website advertising is the only way you’ll make money from your website: without any visitors, you won’t make money from your website. In the following text, I’ll explain six ways of advertising your website that are bound to make you some money.

A niche is basically a topic you want to focus on. It is a group of people that are interested in a certain thing. Perhaps it is people who want to improve their golf swing, people who want to learn how to raise beta fish, people who want to fall in love, or something else altogether.

Back links are links to your site from other sites. Search engines love links back, because they show that a popular site. Be careful using blackhat techniques. Search engine algorithms are very smart and can smell this website ranking techniques from one mile away.

Your meta description is the brief description found in SERPS results when your website is shown in a potential customer’s search results. You want to ensure that you have your main keywords in your description and you write it in a way to describe your web page in a way to entice someone looking at it to click and find out more about your website’s products or services.

It is an essential part of SEO to use keywords and phrases. To optimize your site, this is the primary way. In order to help other internet users to view your site by entering your keywords and phrases on search engine, you need to put keywords and phrases in your title tags, Meta tags, and body text.

So how do you improve your website rankings? You must know that there are many techniques to do so, and that new techniques surface each day. You must be willing to learn all the time, if not you will end up eliminated as well.

You are able to do some aspects of SEO yourself. If you have been heavily involved in the development of your businesses website then it is likely that with a little research you will be able to optimize it yourself. However, if your business is more substantial then it may well be worth you getting the professionals in. In order to get your website ranking highly for competitive search terms you will need the software, copywriters and technical knowledge that can only come from using professionals. Clearly this will cost more than doing it yourself. The potential benefits for your business, however, could make it the best investment you ever made.

Logically speaking, what follows should be rather simple. You may find it in the browser which use. This will increase the clicks to the link and as such increase the ranking.

4. How Se Optimization Can Improve Your Business

The action is to journey to Google and type in “how to generate income online”. Your service and services will change over the moment. Content rules and the Keywords inside your content certainly takes pride of space.

Being a freelance web designer in Sydney, or any city for that matter, is tough. There are many pros and cons which I’ll try and cover in this article. Over 10 years of working in Sydney, I have come across a number of factors which may help you, if you are (or you are thinking of) becoming a freelance web designer.

Including, being taken to the cleaners. So always be on the look out. There are email scams, services scams, get rich scams, Top ranking in little to no time at all scams.

Just writing the content is not enough. You must not fill the matter with keywords. If you do not pay attention to the keyword usage, then it may so happen that your website ranking may fall to an extent.

You have to understand the scope of the data you need before you start your research work. This is to make sure that you will only look for the ones that are relative to your project. Or else, you may only weaken your paper. Worse, you may lead your readers to the wrong path of information.

Subscribe to your new blog by adding it to your feed reader! Popular readers are included in iGoogle and My Yahoo home pages. Subscribe any way that you like. The important thing is to get Google there to crawl the blog.

Clients Get To Know You. Your website and Social Media can let customers get to know your personality before they meet you. You can use Social Media to interact and connect with clients and keep yourself in their mind’s eye constantly. What better way to be exposed to what your clients want than by talking to them for just a few minutes each day?

In general, the more specific and targeted you are the better. Many newbies make the mistake of being way too general and find it difficult to make sales. So, know that being specific is best and that making sure you are targeting a niche that is actually spending money is crucial.

In optimizing, an involving thing in order to be done. There are extremely many distractions on the internet you might get side monitored. You should learn to do search engine optimisation for your!

5. Meta Tag Optimization Services – Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is means to boost website ranking. The important thing is to get Google there to crawl the blog post. Okay, there can be no right or wrong in this task.

If you’re looking to improve your website ranking, then it is very important that you know what Google is thinking about. There are many people out there who are thinking how to improve the website rankings. The number of new websites that surface each day is increasing, and if you wish to be seen, you need to have a strategy to help you out there. There’s so much competition and if your website is not on page 1, then you are literally out of the race.

Tagging these days has caught the attention of many. If you love to visit one of the social sites that interest you then definitely you would be aware of the popular bookmarking sites. It would be interesting to know that tagging and bookmarking are related to each other. There was once a time, when we use to save various links on the computer in a folder and everyone you want to visit the site log on there. What happens to them if the computer is formatted and data is lost?

Well, when they begin their process of “hard” crawls, where do they begin? They begin with attention, some love, and go from there. It is in this fashion that they are having a look at your site more often as improve website ranking increases.

To help them find the content of your page the search engine will locate the words you use in your links. To promote your keywords, adding links on your web pages is a great way. You can link one web page to the other or vice versa.

If you enjoy writing, you will probably enjoy writing blogs for your own website. Take a class on blogging to learn some of the basics, such how to write to an audience or perhaps take a writing class to brush up on grammar and spelling. It is important that the blog has quality content. This will help it rank well in the search engines. Not only does the ability to write well help to draw an interested audience, it also helps to separate the good quality websites from the poor quality websites on search engine results page ranking. If you are not much of a writer, leave the blogging to someone who is.

It is important that the link to your website should be impressive and related to the content of the website. Try putting your website link in different websites to make the link popular. This will also increase the ranking of the website and make your website popular. Also try to place the link in different forums and blogs. This will increase the clicks to the link and hence increase the ranking.

The more frequently your website has fresh quality content, the better your website ranking will be. The better your website ranking is, the more likely people are to find it when they are searching for information on your industry or business.

It is vital that you design your website according to the instructions. To further improve your PageRank, try exchanging links together with web sites or data source. You should do a lot of things during optimization.


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The most Dangerous Game Theme


One of the Most Popular Premium The most Dangerous Game Theme Reviews And Guide Lines. Especially, the Layout Generator Which is Very Powerful and Allows You to Create Any Style of Gaming Website You Like.

Game Addict - Clan War Gaming Theme64$
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Orizon - The Gaming Template WP version42$
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Oblivion - The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Gaming Theme52$
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Gameleon - WordPress Arcade Theme & News Magazine62$
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Gauge: Multi-Purpose Review Theme59$
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MEGAMAG - A Responsive Blog/Magazine Style Theme39$
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Explicit - High Performance Review/Magazine Theme49$
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Blackfyre - Create Your Own Gaming Community64$
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WooCommerce Game Theme - GameWorld59$
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Jumbo The most Dangerous Game Theme- WordPress Magazine & Arcade Theme for HTML5 Games

The Most Dangerous Game Themes

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Item Rating: 4/5
Last Update2 July 17
Widget ReadyYes
Compatible BrowsersIE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Compatible WithVisual Composer, Visual Composer 4.11.x, Visual Composer 4.10.x, Visual Composer 4.9.x, Visual Composer 4.9
Software VersionWordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress
ThemeForest Files IncludedPHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
DocumentationWell Documented
Total Sales151
  • Premium version do not include the designer links in footer,
  • Premium version’s function.php file is not encrypted,
  • You can ask for help by e-mail(our e-mail address is in Contact page). Also, you can ask for free installation if you bought the premium version of Ludus The most Dangerous Game Theme WordPress Theme.
  • Free version needs IonCube Loader. So, Ioncube Loader must be installed in your hosting account. You can ask to your hosting company for help.

Licence for premium version:

You can use The most Dangerous Game Theme on blog. You need to buy additional licences for extra websites. If you want to use the theme on more than 5 websites, contact us and buy multi licence for $100. Then, you can use the theme on all of your blogs. You can not share or resell the theme.


  • Extract the zipped folder,
  • Open the ludus-free or ludus-premium folder,
  • Upload the ludus folder into /wp-content/themes/ directory,
  • Upload the 2 folders in plugins folder into /wp-content/plugins/ directory,
  • Go to admin panel and activate the theme and activate the plugins,
  • Enter Ludus Theme Options page under Appearance menu,
  • Fill in the fields and save changes(you need to save the options at least one time to activate the options),
  • Enter Menus under Appearance and create your blog’s top menu,
  • Set the plugins options,

Ludus Theme Options panel:

When you click the Ludus The most Dangerous Game Theme Options link under Appearance menu, you will see some these fields:

  • Blog Title: This will be the title of your blog(not the meta tag),
  • Blog Slogan: This will be on top left of your website,
  • Some Adsense or banner fields,
  • Footer: You can add a footer text. You can use html codes,
  • Analytics Code: Paste your analytics or other statistics code. Or do not write anything.

Postviews Plugin Settings:

Enter Settings/Postviews and change the “Views Template” to this: Played: %VIEW_COUNT% times

Enter Ratings/Rating Templates and set the options like this(click to see the full size):

Adding Games:

While you are adding a new post, you will see 2 extra fields under content field. Write the game image url in Game Image URL and swf url in Game SWF URL fields, write the game description in content field, select category, add tags and publish your post.

Most Played and Highest Rated Games Pages:

  • Enter Pages/Add New. Write a title like “Most Played Games”. Select “Most Played” from “Template” on right bar and Publish your page. Do not write anything in content field.
  • Do the same for Hishest Rated Games but select “Highest Rated” as “Template”.


Theme supports WordPress menu function. Enter Appearance/Menus and create your menu.

The Most Dangerous Game Theme Game Modding Website Theme

Durus Flash Games Theme is our second WordPress arcade games theme. Theme has custom options panel. So, it’s very easy to use. Also, you can use the Durus The most Dangerous Game Theme in your language just by editing the language file.

The Most Dangerous Game Themes

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Item Rating:4.8/5
Last Update6 May 13
High ResolutionNo
Graphics Files IncludedPhotoshop PSD
Minimum Adobe CS VersionCS6
Pixel Dimensions1020×1616
Total Sales:45

Durus Theme has 1 versions: Premium These are the differences:

  • Premium version do not include the designer links in footer,
  • Premium version’s function.php file is not encrypted,
  • You can ask for help by e-mail(our e-mail address is in Contact page). Also, you can ask for free installation if you bought the premium version of Durus WordPress The most Dangerous Game Theme.
  • Free version needs IonCube Loader. So, Ioncube Loader must be installed in your hosting account. You can ask to your hosting company for help.

Licence for premium version:

You can use the theme on one blog. You need to buy additional licences for extra websites. If you want to use the theme on more than 5 websites, contact us and buy multi licence for $100. Then, you can use the theme on all of your blogs. You can not share or resell the theme.


  • Unzip the file,
  • Open the folder. You will see these folders: durus, plugins and psd,
  • Upload the durus folder into wp-content/themes directory,
  • Upload the 2 folder in plugins folder into the wp-content/plugins,
  • Activate the theme and plugins,
  • Enter Durus Theme Options page under Appearance menu and fill in fields, click save changes button,
  • Enter Menus under Appearance and create your blog’s menus. Create the main menu first. Then create the top menu. Do not use sub items in top menu.

Postviews Plugin Settings:

Enter Settings/Postviews and change the “Views Template” to this: Played: %VIEW_COUNT% times

While you are adding a new post, you will see 2 extra fields under content field. Write the game image url in Game Image URL and swf url in Game SWF URL fields, write the game description in content field, select category, add tags and publish your post.

Most Played and Highest Rated Games Pages:

  • Enter Pages/Add New. Write a title like “Most Played Games”. Select “Most Played” from “Template” on right bar and Publish your page. Do not write anything in content field.
  • Do the same for Hishest Rated Games but select “Highest Rated” as “Template”.


Theme supports WordPress menu function. Enter Appearance/Menus and create your menus. Create the main menu first. Then create top menu. Do not use sub items in top menu.


Theme supports English and Turkish languages now. If you want to use the theme in another language, download PoEdit program. Open the en_US.po file in languages folder in theme folder by PoEdit program. Edit the file. Click the “Save As” link in “File” menu of the program and save it. For example, if you translated it in French, save the file as fr_FR.

If you are not using WordPress in your language, open config.php in main directory of your installation. Find:

define(‘WPLANG’, ”);

and change it to:

define(‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’);

fr_FR is an example. You need to write your language code.

And lastly, delete the comments.php file in theme folder.

CrystalSkull – Gaming Magazine – The most Dangerous Game Theme

CrystalSkull is a 2 column, clean coded, personal blog theme. It can be used for every kind of WordPress blogs. Bellus WordPress The most Dangerous Game Theme has a custom control panel so you can configure your theme easily.


Buy It Now


Item Rating:4.0/5
Created6 December 15
High ResolutionYes
Widget ReadyYes
Compatible BrowsersIE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible WithWPML, WooCommerce 2.4.x, bbPress 2.5.x, Visual Composer 4.7.4, Bootstrap 3.x
Software VersionWordPress 4.9.x
ThemeForest Files IncludedPHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
DocumentationWell Documented
Total Sales542

CrystalSkull WordPress Theme has two versions: Premium and Free. The differences between Premium and Free versions are:

  • Premium version do not include the designer links in footer,
  • You can ask for help by e-mail(our e-mail address is in Contact page). Also, you can ask for free installation if you bought the premium version of Bellus WordPress The most Dangerous Game Theme.


  • Extract the zipped folder,
  • Upload the CrystalSkull folder into /wp-content/themes/ directory,
  • Go to admin panel and activate The most Dangerous Game Theme,
  • Enter CrystalSkull Theme Options page under the Appearance menu,
  • Fill in the fields and save changes,
  • Enter Menus under Appearance and create your blog’s top menu,
  • Start blogging.


You can use html tags in CrystalSkull Theme Options page in banner and footer areas.

License for premium version:

You can use The most Dangerous Game Theme on one blog. You need to buy additional licenses for extra websites. If you want to use the theme on more than 5 websites, contact us and buy multi-license for $100. Then, you can use the theme on all of your blogs. You can not share or resell the theme.


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10 WordPress Theme- Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates

A web site theme is simply a topic or main idea upon which  all your other web site pages are built.  Think of your web site as a short novel.  Everything in that novel relates closely to the entirety of the story…a well-written novel, anyway!

If the novel didn’t tell a story that made sense with all chapters relating to the book as a whole. Then it probably will not fair well with the buying public.

Flaunt - Muse Portfolio Template16$
See Details
TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme59$
See Details
Jevelin Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive WordPress Theme59$
See Details
Handel - Responsive Multi-Purpose Business Theme59$
See Details
Handel - Responsive Multi-Purpose Business Theme12$
See Details

Looking a little deeper,

Each chapter has its own thought or theme well within the framework of the story.

It would make little sense for a love story novel to have a chapter on auto mechanics and another on bricklaying!

The MOST common mistake by web site owners is to think about their web site theme, keywords, and SEO issues after their business web site is completed.

That’s like closing the chicken coop door

After the fox has paid the hens a visit!  If this describes your situation, then now would be a good time to start over rather than try to figure out how to bring the chickens and their eggs back!

If you consider your web site theme carefully before you ever start to write any copy, then you are well on your way to success with SEO and top web site rankings.

SBI has a free Service Sellers Masters course that goes into deep discussion specifically about the use of a web site theme. It’s lengthy but packed with great content and highly recommended for your libraray..take a look and see for yourself. 

Identify Your Web Site Theme: 

Remember our discussion about having a business plan outline and its importance in your website placement?  Go back there now and spend some time getting it right before you ever start writing a word.

It needn’t be complicated, but it does need to be clearly laid out so anyone reading it can understand your web site theme as well as you do. Take a look at these web site theme businesses and see how they keep the idea tight and well-focused.

There is an old saying

“A stitch in time saves nine.” An amazing thing will happen if you do this part right. KEYwords will start popping up all over the place..

If you spend your time wisely. Find your small business or idea here to help you with brainstorming.

Many of the questions you will have to ask yourself will be found while developing the business plan outline and your web site theme such as:

  • What products are you offering?
  • What services are you offering?
  • What kind of information do you have?
  • Who will your audience be?
  • How old will they be?
  • Where will you find them?
  • How will they find you?
  • How much should you charge?
  • How much money for advertising, marketing, supplies?
  • How will I track my results? (you are planning on tracking….say yes, please!)

But probably, the most important question to ask yourself might be “What really, really inspires me and keeps my imagination process fresh?”

 Identify and Name Your Web Site Theme Phrase: 

While you are in these planning stages and those fabulous KEYwords are popping up everywhere, see if you can name your web site theme in a 2-3 word general phrase that expresses the main idea of your entire site.  Try to think about how someone looking for you would find you…ask others how they would find you.

Another great test is to take a look at all of the products and services within your web page content and see if that same theme phrase relates to all of them throughout your web site.

Can’t Establish A Web Site Theme?

Most likely your web site theme is too broad promoting too many idea’s that a single general KEYword phrase can’t be used to describe the contents of the site.

If you are having trouble, imagine the difficulty the search engine spiders will have in ranking your site.  Rethink your strategy.

Better now than after spending valuable time and money. Think about everything that you have to offer in your web site business.  What is it that you REALLY want to promote, say, or do?  If you aren’t clear on this…no one else will be either.

Eliminate anything that is not related to your main site concept.  Check what others have to say on your main idea.  There should be a lot of information contained in some of the top ranking web sites that can help focus your thoughts.

Start putting together you content from there…stay focused.  SBI Manager within the SBI program is a great tool for this part of the process reducing the research phase to almost child’s play.

Consider Adding Other Web Sites

Everything in your site is important, you can’t eliminate anything and you still can’t establish a web site theme? Consider alternatives.

A possible solution is to build additional web sites with each presenting its own specific web site theme and then link them together in a way that makes sense to man and search engine.

Again, go back to the business plan outline, refine, rewrite, and review until you have defined your web site theme and phrase before you ever write a word of content. 

Enjoy Yourself – Brainstorm Well With Others

Of course, you can still obtain success. But why not enjoy the journey to the utmost? Now, if you already have a successful offline business and are ready to go online, then check out.

What you will need to know about getting yourself a web site. And avoid the mistakes so many that have come before you have made (and still are). You have several ways of getting some direction at any time during this process.

You can email,

Go to the MENTOR ME section and get live help or you can talk to someone from SBI.

No matter which way you want to go. You will come away with new ideas for your project. And hopefully some clear direction in your quest for that special web site theme that inspires you. And feeds the hungry search engine spiders.

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7 Latest On Page seo Techniques 2018 – Monthly SEO Packages


On Page SEO Techniques SEO Means Search Engine Optimization It is another kind of programming. It does not complicate typical coding construction classes and aim. But it has its personal construction. it has its personal methods scruple. It is the science of constructing certain however your product page or the web site comes on Top.

Let’s build one fact perfect On Page SEO Techniques is not about stuffing keywords and having multiple product pages to spank up your top rankings. There are rules and text limit and report for everything. And that they all boil right down to one easy truth relevancy! Till and unless your article options relevant keywords, Mobile out-giving interface and minimum security features across the web site your possibilities for the unexpected result are none.

To support you realize that, we as an SEO service supplier, have come back with few excellent SEO techniques for the year 2018. Are you agreeing?

Here are 7 betterment  On-Page SEO techniques for Google top 10 Ranking!

  • Write Longer Meta Descriptions

Absolutely, you listen it perfect! Say Farewell to the short metadata! Rank Ranger’s tools and different indicated an important authority in the minimum search snippet range (That often around 230 characters). And why should be worried about that? Well, just you know that Google is not chopping off about two-thirds of lengthy descriptions alike it used to.

Absolutely, you listen it perfect! Say Farewell to the short metadata! Rank Ranger’s tools and different indicated an important authority in the minimum search snippet range (That often around 230 characters).

You also might be amazed to realize that Google also rewrote a Meta description of few sites as the legal metadata was short and not narrative sufficient.

Also, long metadata does not minimum that you can delirium on! The article of description should be crisp and significant and given the entire message that it is inferred to. Remember; do not send too much afar. Just does it correct?

The association that given Organic Monthly SEO Packages know how to make meta descriptions that run clicks. So, you can also take into account seeking their help.

  • Work on Speed Loading

Websites are not just a medium of providing a report. They are a resource that helps the visitors find out exactly what they want. And that too, in the bad span of time. The lowers the time past time on search assembly, the better. If the loading speed of your website is mediocre, you might have to knowledge high bounce value. And what if Google knows about it? Well, you will have to give the fine.

So, however, does one resolve this? As the first point, you want to examine the immediate speed of the site. Ensure that you usage few tools that Google recommend. Page Speed Outlook is one of the best sites that help you to access it.

Your website’s loading speed. It calculation your website from zero to hundred. If the website loading speed is eight and on top of, you are on the good list.
The website additionally provides you with reference for the transforms you can perform to increase the speed. Otherwise, you can discover a company that provides affordable (SEO)-Local SEO Services and get the speed examination done.

  • Internal Linking is Must

When We Reading an excellent blog, there is the while when we find a link that inspires us to read another blog.This is used as internal linking. And it is documentary because it helps you to make a better shape for your blog. It also to help your bounce rates down. which is excellent for your SEO’s health.

When We Reading an excellent blog, there are time when we search a link that inspire us to read another blog.

In my opinion, the best instance of good linked online lesson is Wikipedia and Copyblogger. If you ensure a similar model, you will not discover it difficult to interlink your blog’s website. After writing a content, effort linking it to other topical blogs on your website.

Your traffic will visit the ones they search excellent and read them. But you must make sure that you do the linking part correct. If you put Nofollow links, search robots cannot pass the link sentiment. So, make the relevant
pages to follow and put your old article ranking.

  • Use Keywords That Matter

Of course, keywords are most significant. And yes, you necessity to use them in the correct way. While increasing the article on your blog website, you need to protect its tone along with the focus keyword that comes naturally. I trust that targeting keywords is very necessary as using them in the correct way ensures that you get a better ROI on your Search engine optimization efforts.

When you hire a company that offers Search engine optimization services, they hire SEO content writers who work on your project and ensure that they use various keywords.

For your pages to represent better, you can also behavior a keyword research on Google AdWords Keyword Planner or another keyword research and analysis. It uses you with the search volumes and reports about the keywords that your targeted competitors.

You can also use keywords to see search volume or analyze what your targeted competitors are targeting with SEMRush or kwfinder. The Keyword Planner also provides you with different keyword changing that you can use on your page for optimizing it. Local SEO Services

  • Optimize the Images

A picture is not just valued a thousand words. It also attracts thousands of visitors if optimized in the right way. Start optimizing blog images for on-page SEO. Here is a step by step procedure as to how to do it.

• You should not name your images at one’s own sweet will. Alternative the image file names into topical ones. For example, On Page SEO Techniques 2018. jpg. By doing so, your image will display up when anyone is looking for on-page SEO Tips 2018.

7 On Page SEO Techniques 2018 - Local SEO Services I Monthly SEO Packages

• Provide an Alt text for narrate the image. Alt text is what you show on the page if the          image despairs to load. However, it becomes get-at-able for search engines to mark out      your image.

• It is always a perfect idea to use captions as people read them 300% more than the main    content.

• WordPress makes it simple for you to include captions and alt text as they provide you an    option to do so while including the image. Make sure you put the size of image files count    so that they load easily. If the need is, use tools that can help you decrease the size of          images. Unnecessary to say, it should not emotion the quality of the images.

  • Check SEO Responsiveness

Google’s announcement of mobile-friendly as one of the major On Page SEO Techniques, all the brands are using their websites mobile friendly. But the one question here is, does your SEO-Search engine optimization performance a rule in that?

Until you need to buckle up. Hire digital marketing professionals who know the answers to your SEO all issues and can optimize your reactionary website properly. When they submit SEO friendly method, you’re sure to the realization a boost in your search engine rankings. But, you can ensure that the professionals you have appointed take care of the following:

• Checking Responsiveness with SEO-Search engine optimization aspects.
• Addressing the easy mistakes.
• Checking Mobile Index and mobile friendly.

  • Structured Data and Schema Markup

It is one of the most buzzing topics in SEO. To extended, there are three chief parts to a website. Namely Text, Markup, and Structured Data. The text is depictive of the article. Markup shows the browser the way article should show on the website and Structured Data lets the bots like Google know what the data is. Structured data helps to make your website show better and qualify search engines to classify your websites.

7 On Page SEO Techniques 2018 - Local SEO Services I Monthly SEO Packages

You might be undermining the advantage of structured data; however, once you’re SEO ways begin working, you will understand that it should be an undivided part of any Search engine optimization plan.

Search Engines show to read and crawl completely in all parts data. So, get rid of simple HTML markups and enable Google to creep your website easily! It isn’t wonderful how Structured Data and Schema Markup has become trending subject. Also, its appeal has become an obligation for most of the industries. See the Local SEO Services 2018 and you are absolutely sure to rank well and above!

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Onpage vs Off Page SEO- Without Getting Google Penalized

on-page seo

Rank Your Website on Google First Page Without Getting Google Penalized. On-Page SEO

Ten Easy Methods After Creating a Website.

1 #Step: First You need Unique Content Writer Or If you able to write content then, better  then hire a Content writer.If you can write properly and SEO Friendly Article.2 #Step : Need your Website properly On-Page SEO for this, First install Yoast SEO                 plugin and Use it properly for step by step setup.3 #Step : Write Long Content and Use your main keyword one more in your website content.

4 #Step : Use Your main keyword in your post title bar. Keep Title Character Minimum 8/10 Words.5 #Step : Use Short content in your Mata Description Bar and use your main keyword in the               meta description Minimum one time.

6 #Step : Create Internal and External link in your website content. Use H2 Tags in Every                   Post Google Always Follow This This.

7 #Step : Create a google friendly Site Map Because Google Robot First Check your Sitemap.8 #Step : Use Social Sharing Button. Social Signals may not run a direct role in ranking                     your Website.9 #Step : Rename your uses Image and Use image Name. Use your keyword in Image                      Rename and Use a short image Mata tags.
10 #Step : Use Responsive and fast Template. Use SEO friendly Tamplate and boost your                    site speed.

Off-Page SEO

6 Method Website Off-Page SEO For Google Ranking

1 #Step : First You Create web 2.0 Blog Post. It is very Effect Way to Rank Your Website in                  Google First Page.

2 #Step : Create Contribute as Guest Post There are a number of good quality Blog.

3 #Step : Need For Off-Page SEO Top Social Media Site Engagement. It Very Effective                        Process for Google Ranking.

4 #Step : Need Forum Submission First you need Register in forum website and discuss                  Your niche and  Create your committee then you can submit your niche website.

5 #Step : Make am Outreach campaign for Off-Page SEO. Build Relationship before Link                  building.

6 #Step : Article Submission, Directory Submission, Press Relation, Photo Sharing, Blog                   Posting, Social Bookmarking, You Need Link building from High DA/PA Website.

Professional SEO Services– We Will Rank Your Website On Google First Page In Top 10

7 On Page SEO Techniques 2018 - Local SEO Services I Monthly SEO Packages

Monthly SEO Packages- Order Now

7 On Page SEO Techniques 2018 - Local SEO Services I Monthly SEO Packages

Local SEO Services- Order Now

7 On Page SEO Techniques 2018 - Local SEO Services I Monthly SEO Packages

You can also use guest posting option too. Now guest posting is most popular and easy to get quality backlinks. You can find guest posting sites from google. If you have health and fitness related niche. You can search Health and Fitness Write For Us on google. Then you will get your targeted blogs. Contact them and send them your articles. They will give you dofollow backlinks.

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How to Play Uno – Uno Rules


The game is played by more than one player. It becomes more enjoyable when 4 players performance in this game.

UNO Card has Almost 108 Cards

how to play uno
  • Blue Colors 19 cards (0-9 digit)
  • Green Colors 19 cards (0-9 digit)
  • Red Colors 19 cards (0-9 digit)
  • Draw two cards – 8
  • Reverse cards – 8
  • Skip cards – 8
  • Wild Card – 8
  • Wild draw 4 Cards – 4

Every player gets 7 cards.

The Primary purpose of this game is to be free from these cards previously of total  7 cards will be given away to the players when rest of the card will be kept in front of player and remaining peak card will be displayed. The game will be held by allowing navel on that display card. If colors or features of the displayed card and any card at your hand are same.

(0 – 9 digits, draw 2 cards, skip the card and reveres card)

Then you can withdraw that card from your card which has in your hands. And that removed card will be the following card for showing. If your card and display card have not resembled, you have to rummage out a card from the rest of the cards which are installed at first.

If your card is displayed card are not resemble. You have to rummage out a card from the rest of the cards which are installed at first. It is play card and the borne card is assimilating then you can take aside the card after borne.

If someone plays Borne two cards then next player have to draw 2 cards. One will miss his dice if one shows the skip card and for the reverse card, the vexation of players turn will shift.

Will card is the prevalent card, you can alter your display card cooler using the wild card and you can nipping the next player to draw 4 cards and at the same time, one can alter cooler by using wild draw 4 cards. Not only will the player miss out his turn also.

How to play UNO

UNO is a very attractive game that so exciting and enjoyable. If you want to understand easily you should learn the rules of the games. At first, you have to read on carefully but if you want to play you have to understand this play then lot’s play.

  1. Playing UNO

Collect one player except you. It is easy and enjoyable if there are more then two on four. It will be super when you follow this system. After that, it will be so enjoyable.

  1. Use a deck of UNO cards

The definite UNO deck has 108 cards. Consisting of a colored ‘suites’ (blue, red)

  1. Choose a merchant by collecting each player pick single card. The player who gained the high-test number is the merchant; in this situation, action cards (including wild and wild draw four cards) have a price of zero.

  1. Divide cache player seven cards put on the after cards in front of the table. This bundle of the carts is playing bundle or cards.

Change the first top card of draw bundle keep place next the drawing bundle to form the discard pile.

6. Catch turns to start with the player to the dealer’s left and continue clockwise around the table and play. Follow the picture below-

7. Place one of your cards on the discard pile once it’s your flip. Your card should have identical variety, color or expression because the prime card of the discard pile… unless you’ve got a Wildcard, that during which in which case you’ll select which color cards are going to vie.

  • The Reverse cards (of any color) mean that the direction of play is reversed (i.e. extraordinary to counter-clockwise).
  • The Draw 2 cards (of any color) means ensuing player should draw 2 cards from the draw pile and skip his/her flip.
  • The cards marked Skip (in any color) means ensuing player should skip his/her flip. during a two player game, if somebody lays a skip on their last flip (UNO) they have to go back and play another variety.
  • The black cards (Wild) means a player could select any color (or continue the same color) that he/she desires.
  • The black (Wild Draw Four) cards mean a player could select any color, however ensuing player should draw four cards and skip his/her flip. Wild Draw Four is that the most precious card ever. you’ll solely play this card at the start of your play.