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10 WordPress Theme- Best Website Templates

Best Website Templates

A web site theme is simply a topic or main idea upon which  all your other web site pages are built.  Think of your web site as a short novel.  Everything in that novel relates closely to the entirety of the story…a well-written novel, anyway!

If the novel didn’t tell a story that made sense with all chapters relating to the book as a whole. Then it probably will not fair well with the buying public.

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Looking a little deeper,

Each chapter has its own thought or theme well within the framework of the story.

It would make little sense for a love story novel to have a chapter on auto mechanics and another on bricklaying!

The MOST common mistake by web site owners is to think about their web site theme, keywords, and SEO issues after their business web site is completed.

That’s like closing the chicken coop door

After the fox has paid the hens a visit!  If this describes your situation, then now would be a good time to start over rather than try to figure out how to bring the chickens and their eggs back!

If you consider your web site theme carefully before you ever start to write any copy, then you are well on your way to success with SEO and top web site rankings.

SBI has a free Service Sellers Masters course that goes into deep discussion specifically about the use of a web site theme. It’s lengthy but packed with great content and highly recommended for your libraray..take a look and see for yourself. 

Identify Your Web Site Theme: 

Remember our discussion about having a business plan outline and its importance in your website placement?  Go back there now and spend some time getting it right before you ever start writing a word.

It needn’t be complicated, but it does need to be clearly laid out so anyone reading it can understand your web site theme as well as you do. Take a look at these web site theme businesses and see how they keep the idea tight and well-focused.

There is an old saying

“A stitch in time saves nine.” An amazing thing will happen if you do this part right. KEYwords will start popping up all over the place..

If you spend your time wisely. Find your small business or idea here to help you with brainstorming.

Many of the questions you will have to ask yourself will be found while developing the business plan outline and your web site theme such as:

  • What products are you offering?
  • What services are you offering?
  • What kind of information do you have?
  • Who will your audience be?
  • How old will they be?
  • Where will you find them?
  • How will they find you?
  • How much should you charge?
  • How much money for advertising, marketing, supplies?
  • How will I track my results? (you are planning on tracking….say yes, please!)

But probably, the most important question to ask yourself might be “What really, really inspires me and keeps my imagination process fresh?”

 Identify and Name Your Web Site Theme Phrase: 

While you are in these planning stages and those fabulous KEYwords are popping up everywhere, see if you can name your web site theme in a 2-3 word general phrase that expresses the main idea of your entire site.  Try to think about how someone looking for you would find you…ask others how they would find you.

Another great test is to take a look at all of the products and services within your web page content and see if that same theme phrase relates to all of them throughout your web site.

Can’t Establish A Web Site Theme?

Most likely your web site theme is too broad promoting too many idea’s that a single general KEYword phrase can’t be used to describe the contents of the site.

If you are having trouble, imagine the difficulty the search engine spiders will have in ranking your site.  Rethink your strategy.

Better now than after spending valuable time and money. Think about everything that you have to offer in your web site business.  What is it that you REALLY want to promote, say, or do?  If you aren’t clear on this…no one else will be either.

Eliminate anything that is not related to your main site concept.  Check what others have to say on your main idea.  There should be a lot of information contained in some of the top ranking web sites that can help focus your thoughts.

Start putting together you content from there…stay focused.  SBI Manager within the SBI program is a great tool for this part of the process reducing the research phase to almost child’s play.

Consider Adding Other Web Sites

Everything in your site is important, you can’t eliminate anything and you still can’t establish a web site theme? Consider alternatives.

A possible solution is to build additional web sites with each presenting its own specific web site theme and then link them together in a way that makes sense to man and search engine.

Again, go back to the business plan outline, refine, rewrite, and review until you have defined your web site theme and phrase before you ever write a word of content. 

Enjoy Yourself – Brainstorm Well With Others

Of course, you can still obtain success. But why not enjoy the journey to the utmost? Now, if you already have a successful offline business and are ready to go online, then check out.

What you will need to know about getting yourself a web site. And avoid the mistakes so many that have come before you have made (and still are). You have several ways of getting some direction at any time during this process.

You can email,

Go to the MENTOR ME section and get live help or you can talk to someone from SBI.

No matter which way you want to go. You will come away with new ideas for your project. And hopefully some clear direction in your quest for that special web site theme that inspires you. And feeds the hungry search engine spiders.

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