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20 Quick- Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing strategies

Cover a wide spectrum of subjects like Market Research, Search Engines, E-zine Advertising, Email Marketing, Local Promotion, and Offline Marketing to name a few.

It would be virtually impossible to address them all here. For our purpose, we will try to cover these 20 quick internet marketing strategies by itemizing each with a brief description.

Following the text links will provide you with more in-depth information on each subject.

1. Search Engine Marketing

This is the process in which you list your optimized pages with individual search engines and directories.  In some, free submissions are still accepted…But, this has changed in the past few years.  If you want faster results, then there is usually a fee..each engine has its own rules on this.  As the web becomes more established year after year, search engine fees are projected to become more costly.

Internet Marketing Strategies
Internet Marketing Strategies

The engines’ purpose is to deliver relevant results for a particular word or phrasethat has been typed in.  It’s still one of the most important aspects  of Internet Marketing Strategies, and optimizing for a top web site listing can be expensive and time consuming if you don’t do your homework on this subject.

Web Position Gold is an excellent optimizer for this purpose and is considered a staple among professionals.

NOTE:  Pay-per-inclusion does not Guarantee ranking… it only guarantees you’ll be included in the index! Paying to have your site included in a SE’s index is NOT the same as paying for your list ranking as you would with a Pay-Per-Click engine

Pay Per Click engines

Pay Per Click engines (PPCs) are a low-cost advertising method.  If used wisely, they can turn your advertising dollars into handsome profits.  You simply bid on keywords.  Paying for a list ranking saves you time and aggravation.  The trade off?  It can be expensive for the more popular keywords.

Submit Your Site to Key Directories such as Open Directory and Yahoo who review their submissions personally.  Normally, your web site will be placed in a specific category. 

Follow the submission instructions carefully.  In some cases, business sites are required to pay a fee.  Search engines and directories are complicated creatures as are the spiders that crawl them.

Submit Your Site to Industry Sites and Specialized Directories and various trade associations that have member sites.  This is a good place to request reciprocal links, but do look out for those that want you to upsell your listing.  Many don’t stick around long enough to make it worth your while.  Stick to the directories that are widely recognized in your field before considering any advertising.

(This discussion of internet marketing strategies includes the following major players)

  • Free search engines:

AltaVista, Fast, Google, Inktomi, Ask Jeeves, Teoma.
Lycos, MSN (these aggregate other engines’ and directories’ technologies to provide search results.)

  • Pay Per Click Search Engines:

Overture, FindWhat, 7Search, Xuppa, Pilot, Kanoodle, Sprinks, Enhance Interactive.  More PPC info here.

Site Build It really is a leader in taking care of this area.  For an in-depth look at how they handle internet marketing strategies for the total web business builder, click here.

2. Linking Strategies

Generally, you are rated more highly on your incoming links, called your “link popularity.  You are rated not only on the number of incoming links but the quality as well.  Strive to have the higher ranking, established, more popular information sites rather than start ups with little traffic and low rankings.  Be selective and build your link popularity…consistently be on the look out for new incoming link possibilities.

Link Exchanges like Value Exchange can help you find valuable high-value, similarly themed sites…then exchange links to really increase your link popularity in a way the engines LOVE… a win-win all the way around…another of the internet marketing strategies.

Once again Site Build It  takes the painful tedium out of this process and speeds it up through the SBI Manager.  These internet marketing strategies are what it will take for you to make a profit.  For more information check out an in-depth SBI review by Alicia Monroe or request a free mentoring session using the Mentor Me quick fill-in form.

3. E-Zines and Newsletters

Theses are internet marketing strategies that have been around since the beginning, and they allow an opportunity to get one more chance to interact with your visitor. Only a very small percentage will actually click through to your service or product.  Think of your E-zine as your backup response to the actual click through to a sale response.

Additional opportunity

This gives you an additional opportunity to get your product or service in front of them…at their request...This is very important because it is the start of a trust relationship that could lead to a lifetime customer.  This is probably one of the most effective forms of marketing and no web business should be without one.  Sign up here for a free email marketing course that covers E-zines, newsletters, email, and other internet marketing strategies you must know to keep you “in the green.”

Viral Marketing  is not a microbe type virus.  Viral marketing is any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a message to others.  Hotmail is a perfect example of a free give-away that spreads on as we speak!  This give-away stimulates growth at an exponential rate  and increases your sphere of influence.  It is very effective and delivers results sometimes long after it has been scratched off the active portion of your marketing checklist.

Five Steps

  1. Free doesn’t profit now
  2. it promotes goodwill and plants the seeds for future sales.
  3. Keep your digital marketing message simple, provide easy downloads. Make sure your referring links work in your message, be sure to include your web site link and other contact info at the end of an email message.
  4. You may have small bandwidth or server capacity now, but do you know what you will do in case of rapid expansion as a result of your viral campaign?
  5. Take advantage of others’ resources and offer free content to them for their e-mail newsletters, websites, etc.

If you offer free content to recognized, trusted publications, then this can be one of the most effective forms of viral advertising for a very low cost, and sometimes for free.  These internet marketing strategies have been practiced offline for many, many years.

Research you market and keep your advertising targeted to those information e-zines that meet your audience.  

Internet Marketing Strategies
Internet Marketing Strategies

4.  Email Marketing:

Email is truly one of the first internet marketing strategies with which you should become familiar.  There are several bones of contention these days and can lead to many problems…if you are not aware of the rules.  None the less, marketing by email is probably the biggest and most effective form of online advertising.

The three basic types of email marketing:


(bulk-unsolicited commercial email ) By default, the Postfix SMTP server will accept mail only from or to the local network or domain, or to domains that are hosted by Postfix, so that your system can’t be used as a mail relay to forward bulk mail from random strangers.  No matter what filtering mechanism is built, spammers will find a way around it.  Spammers are the dark side of internet marketing strategies.

To make sure your email is SPAM FREE, send a blank email  here and we’ll send you a full Spam Check Report within seconds!  Make sure to put TESTin the subject line or it will be ignored.

Reprint from a Press Release

Source: TargetX

New Spam Law is Doomed to Fail, Says Email Marketing Leader
Monday November 24, 2:34 pm ET

…………”Laws like this will have absolutely no effect on the spam onslaught, and it’s ridiculous and naive to think otherwise,” said Brian Wm. Niles, CEO of TargetX, one of the first companies to offer permission-based email services…………….

………….The solution to the problem of spam will come not from laws, do-not-call registries or spam filters, said Nile’s, but from a fundamental change in the Internet’s email transmission technology……….

………….”The basis of email transmission is a protocol known as SMTP,” he explained. “It was developed 20 years ago for a totally different type of Internet, one that was very trusting. Now that the trust is gone, we need a fundamental change to the way email flows through the pipelines. It can be done, but it will require a global consensus. That makes sense since spam has become a global problem.”…………..

(b) Opt-in  is just that

You personally request or give permission to be put on a mailing list to whatever publication, product or service has caught your eye.  To be safe, many legitimate marketers are requesting confirmation of the subscriber’s intent to be on their list.  They will also include a REAL opt-out link for you to remove yourself should you desire to do so.  Furthermore, the opt-out statement and process are clearly visible and simple to use.  This is definitely a key point in your understanding of internet marketing strategies

(c) Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing is sent via email through the opt in method.  Newsletters are probably the cheapest and most effective way to run a direct mail campaign because:

  1. It reminds your potential customer about you and your business

  2. Builds trust internet marketing strategies

  3. Establishes a relationship

  4. Builds credibility

  5. Promotes your products, services, or merchants

  6. builds your image as an expert in the field

Publishing your own newsletter is now at the heart of your internet marketing strategies.  Building a vibrant web business means building a sense of community and trust through the nurturing of relationships with your customers…this is the goal of your newsletter.

Visit here and get a FREE Spam Check for your newsletter or email message 

This Spam Checker is only one feature of many modules of the entire system of the Site Build It! tools… it only makes good sense to have it all under one roof.

As internet marketing strategies go, this is a plus for those suffering from information overload and confusion.  When tackling a web business from scratch (or nearly scratch) learn as you go…enough to accomplish the task.  The rest will come little by little.

There really are no “secrets”.  You will learn basic techniques that have been learned through trial and error by those who have come before you on the information highway.  Thus, we are starting to see that internet marketing strategies are really variations of the offline methods for marketing and advertising.

5. Local Promotion

We all get caught up in the swirl of technology and forget that our internet marketing basic strategies really begin right in our own backyards.   Your local community already has a trust factor built in just by virtue of seeing you day after day.  Use this trust factor and tell everyone you know about your new online project.

You have spent years developing relationships in your business and personal life…such a simple fact, yet so easily overlooked.  See if you can find your local business or idea  here and see what others are doing about coming online.  Your personal efforts within your local community are some of the most powerful internet marketing strategies at your disposal.  Be sure to advertise in printed newspapers and magazines, business guides, on your business cards, through press releases, etc. 

6. Offline Marketing

Speaking of the above, let’s touch on a few offline techniques. Among the more well known are ads in the classified section of newspapers.  As in any advertising, keep your ads tightly focused on publications to your target market.  Classified can be tricky and ineffective, so do your homework…follow your game plan in your business plan outline!

If your business is one that could get exposure through attending functions at your local chamber of commerce, then this might prove beneficial.  There are many opportunities there for low-cost print advertising…flyers, mini speeches, promotions, and sponsorships that can help to spread the word of your web site business.  Other less thought of (but quite effective, if used right) are billboards, movie theater announcements (between shows), and your URL on your car.  internet marketing strategies are simply variations of established forms of offline marketing.

7. Develop a FREE Service.

Just as we see in offline promotion, a FREEbie goes a long way towards merchant recognition.  Advertising specialties such as pens, pencils, lighters, magnets, etc are still doing a booming business in the offline world.  Do the same for your online business.

“Come to our site and get your FREE double bonus coupons, FREE e-books, FREEmortgage loan calculators,  FREE consultation,  FREE Templates, etc.  Whatever FREEservice you choose to develop, keep it tightly linked to your web site theme and linkable to your sales and order pages.   If you practice these internet marketing strategies, the traffic will be forthcoming when combined with your online promotions.

There is nothing new about the information you are presenting (unless you have discovered a cure for cancer or the like), but the way you present it is what makes you unique.

8. Be an Information Resource

Fast becoming part of internet marketing strategies is the theme based web site.  Because your site is about a specific topic,  you then have the chance to show your visitors that you truly are an expert in your field.  Become the total information resource centerfor your visitors.  Besides having great stuff on your site, you become recognized and trusted.  There is nothing new about your information, but the way you present it is what makes you unique.  Your viewers will become clients as they become comfortable in the knowledge that your site contains just the information they need in an easy-to-navigate format.

9. Care About Privacy

As the internet grows, so do issues like privacy and safety of your personal information.  Privacy can now be considered part of the proper etiquette in internet marketing strategies.  Just because you don’t physically see your visitors doesn’t mean you should ignore their right to privacy and safety.  Extend this courtesy just as you would if they came into your home or business.

Most users, especially newcomers to the net, aren’t aware of the dangers that lurk in the world wide web.  Make it a point to create a good privacy and policy statement that iseasily read and understood.  Make it prominent enough so your customers don’t have to search, or worse yet, leave because they’re not sure if their information is safe.  Center your statement around your customer’s concerns such as secure credit card processing, not sharing their information with third parties, or sending unsolicited email.  Increase your trust factor while keeping yourself and your reputation out of harms way.     

10. Develop a Business Plan 

Traditionally, business plan outlines that have been used in offline businesses  have clearly become part of today’s internet marketing strategies.  With  internet marketing at its competitive highest,  it is essential to have a clear picture and a solid foundation for your website venture.  Thus, having at least a basic business plan outline is critical to profitability.

Internet marketing strategies

Site Build It  has figured this out and included the internet marketing strategies during development of their software designed for any internet business…see if you can find your business here.  SBI also provides its weight in gold in FREE courses in various fields such as info products, pricing, net auctions, service sellers, and affiliate business websites.  For a complete list and to examine these in depth, click here.

If the a la carte web construction method seems more appealing, Palo Alto software has FREE Sample Business Plans  and an excellent assortment of software solutions  that are simple to use and presented in modules that make it easy even for the beginning web business builder.  Take a look at their Web Strategy Pro business plan and judge for yourself.

11. What is Market Research?

Probably the most elementary of internet marketing strategies is proper market research prior to any advertising or marketing campaign.  Knowing your target market is by far the one most important concepts.   Your messages must be targeted to this specific group in order to be able to answer their questions and establish yourself as the “expert” in your field.

Identifying a target market means you know their likes, dislikes, general age, location, income levels, gender, business type, habits, needs and other preferences.  These can all depend on the type of campaign you have in mind, what you are trying to convey, what response you expect, and how long it will take for that response.    It is in the business plan outline phase that you will identify your target market.  

12. Five Basic areas of Market Research

There are five basic areas of market research that are part of your internet marketing strategies.  Now that you are actively identifying your target market, you will need to understand why you would use one or more of these processes.  

  • Primary, of course, means first. You are the primary collector and user of this information. 
  • Secondary is collected some where else and then used by you
  • Combined is both primary and secondary collection methods and then used by you.
  • Qualitative research explores possibilities to see if they will meet a goal or will keep you on a desired path or direction.  This is meant to explore possibilities and define your market further rather than to collect specific information.
  • Quantitative research is similar to qualitative except that is more tightly focused and usually represented in statistical results.  This is best used when your target market has been well defined and you need this specific statistical detailed information for a more accurate representation to improve your product or service offering.

We don’t know of anyone that wakes up in the morning shouting words of delight about doing their business plan, but it is critical you learn this information.   Knowing your internet marketing strategies is at the heart of your success. Know and understand  your market research findings.

Both Web Strategy Pro and Template Zone have complete solutions for any type or size of business plan project you may have in mind.  

13. Customer Service 

Customer service, absolutely an important part of your internet marketing strategies. Without your customers you will be out of business. so fast it will make your head spin.

Once your visitor arrives at your doorstep and asks for service, then make sure, so very sure, that you are keeping in touch with them promptly. Nothing will squash the sale quicker than a customer who feels he/she is being ignored.  

“My web site’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”

The internet fills our need for instant gratification, so make sure you are acknowledging your viewers requests immediately.  Your site should make it easy for your visitor to find your email or contact us form (in our case it is our Mentor Me request form).

You will find numerous autoresponders with fancy features to personalize and automate these repetitive tasks.  We like Site Build It because it has this and more within its powerful program.  It really does streamline the process making your job easier and we like easier!

Speed, efficiency, trust, and a great product/service are internet marketing strategies that cannot be taken lightly.

14. Analyze Your Traffic

So you have a lot of traffic! Congratulations almost.  Do you know who, why, or how they are finding you?  Be diligent in this department.  Don’t rest on your laurels for soon you may be sucked under in quick sand!

Knowing  your placement numbers is just the beginning.   There are a variety of tracking programs that will do the job, some hosting companies include traffic analysis, but once again we recommend Site Build It because it handles your whole web business building process under one roof, and it works for any small business. Try to find yours here.

When you do your traffic analysis, you are then able to determine what does work and what doesn’t.  Start fine tuning…in short, eliminate the low-profit under achievers and duplicate or expand the positive performers.  By using the Site Build It analysis center (called Site Central), you will know these facts, and more, at a glance.

This is the part that gets exciting.  After all your hard work, you only need to “tweak” your web site not rebuild it.

Keep testing, adjust, and prosper on a continuous basis.  These are internet marketing strategies that remain on going.

15. Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategies
Internet Marketing Strategies

Seamless integration of your web site with your company’s other marketing activities is  part of your internet marketing strategies toolkit.  Your web site should be an extension of any efforts you are expending offline.  Consider your web business as an office in another city, and make your marketing a coordinated effort.

16. Writing Articles

If you like to write, then writing articles for other publications might be a great tool to add to your internet marketing strategies toolkit. This can be an extremely effective method for building your reputation and your web business.  You have already built your information-based web site, just continue with that theme and write articles that are not included as part of your web pages.  Your articles can be in the form of reviews,  helpful tips, how to articles, resources, etc.  

The Netwriting Masters Course is a FREE e- book that will show you how to write for the internet.  You just need to follow the right process.  That requires you to make the critical offline-to-online business mind shift from “location, location, location” to…“Information, information, information!”  Use these principles to create content for your articles.  It’s much easier than you think, and it certainly doesn’t take any special skill or training to write for the net.  

17. Bookmark This Page

Almost too simple even for internet marketing strategies is to just Ask Visitors to Bookmark Your Site.  Use a graphic on the entry page or place a text link in advantageous spots such as on a page where you are doing a review or delivering quick tips.  This is the perfect time to remind your visitor  why don’t you bookmark the article you’re reading right now?

18. Email Signature File

Another very simple marketing technique is to include your signature and a link to your site (or favorite promotion) with a few descriptive words at the end of each email sent out.  This is a set it up once and forget it-completely automatic process!  This is truly one of the easiest internet marketing strategies you should not overlook.  Even better, it is a totally FREE and effective method of advertising.

19. Joint Ventures

Your internet marketing strategies now include joint ventures and can be an incredible method of marketing.   It’s the buddy system alive and well – you team up with another business or web site and market each other’s products to each other’s customers.

You can partner with either online or offline businesses to accomplish your joint venture goals.

Let’s say you are selling a product or service and find a partner that will tell their customers about you.  In return, you offer your partner a commission on the sales they have just helped you make.

What if you’re both selling a product or service?  The same thing, only you promote their product to your customers in return for a commission on the sales you make.

Don’t limit yourself to commissions.

Maybe your partner is interested in something else you have to offer such as free advertising, consulting, web design, you name it….

What if you’re not selling a product or service?  In this case help sell somebody else’s products for a commission; be a broker and bring mutual businesses together for joint partnerships for a percentage; swap links and market each other’s ezines, etc.

Don’t limit yourself to just one joint venture partner either…explore your target market…be creative in coming up with ideas.  The key to your internet marketing strategies for joint ventures is to make sure you are both targeting the same market.  Here are a few to stimulate your creative thought process:

  1. Write a how to booklet related to your business and partner with an offline store to give it away to shoppers with each purchase.  It works even better if the store has a freebie to go along with your booklet.
  2. Create a flyer with your important online business information that can be given away to an offline store’s customers at checkout.  In exchange, you can give them free advertising on your web site.
  3. A local computer store  might display your web site on the computer monitors in exchange for free advertising on your web site and/or in your e-mail newsletter.

Once you get the hang of partnering, then this could be a win/win situation for both of your businesses. 

20. About Affiliate Programs

Internet marketing strategies now include affiliate programs which are created by merchants who pay a commission to the affiliates who sell their products. These sales are accomplished through specialized affiliate tracking links that identify a buyer as having originated from the affiliate’s web site.   The goal of the merchant supplying the product is to build a network of affiliates who have a financial stake in promoting their products on the affiliate’s web site.

If you’re a merchant you need to determine

the commission you are willing to payafter expenses for advertising,  possibly select a company to set up the technical details of your program, and promote your program so the right kind of affiliates will sign up and sell your products.

Affiliate programs are now considered internet marketing strategies whether you are a merchant or an affiliate.  It is another form of income and can be profitable if you learn which programs are successful and will work for your online business.  There are many affiliate programs on the net…not all are created equal.

internet marketing

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