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Keyword Ranking and Search Engine Rankings

Keyword rankings research is most often one of the most difficult phases of web building. Once you have taken care of the research, writing search engine optimized pages is relatively simple. Well, simpler, anyway!

In order to start the keyword rankings and research phase, we will first assume you have covered the basics:

1. What are your expectations?  Know your goal:

“My website’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”

2. You’ve put together your basic Business Plan Outline; you’ve brainstormed your business niche, target market, and website theme.

If you have not done this yet…then you’re going the 

IMPORTANT:  Go back and review the first two steps listed above.

On the other hand, if you feel you have a solid foundation, then let’s move forward to keyword rankings research.

Beginning Your Keyword Rankings Research

During your niche and website theme research, you no doubt found industry terms or words.  Depending on how “nichie” or technical your niche might be, most searchers will use descriptive terms that relate to your specific product/service.

Let’s say your theme is about green whirling widgets.  What keywords might they use to find you?

green, whirling, widgets, small, large, medium, cheap, durable, deluxe, strong, repair, fix, glowing…

So with all these choices (and many more) how do you choose?
What keyword rankings research method works best?

It’s not which one method works, but more about the combination of keyword rankings research methods you use to create your search engine optimized pages with your final keyword selections.

I can’t stress too often that the internet is a fluid entity changing almost daily in its look and feel.  It is driven by the needs of the consuming public, and it is to these trends we all must follow.  In effect, people will find you just like they do in the yellow pages or when calling 411.  Search engines are challenged with delivering relevant results to those seeking the 411, and they constantly adjust their algorithms (fancy math) to reflect this and to keep the website riff raff at bay.

Back to our example. First they will categorize you in the overall sense…your very general KEYword..In this case widgets.

Next, they will narrow the field down by type or general characteristic. green widget

This next narrowing of the field will be done if the general category and type are so abundant with products/services that further identification is needed, thus…green whirling widgets

Still too broad?  small, durable, deluxe, green whirling widgets and so forth.

Keyword Rankings = Single Word or Phrase?

A general rule of thumb is that a single keyword is too highly searched and would be virtually impossible to obtain keyword rankings in the top 10..Far too general for the searcher and far too expensive for the web business builder, unless of course you have a budget like Amazon!

As in the case of our widgets, varying phrases would be more identifiable with a much greater chance of success.  Two-word searches are really good, but three-word searches can be just as good.  By the time you get to four or more word searches, you might find that your niche is quite specific, so with that in mind use it if your keyword rankings research shows good potential for profitability. 


Here are a  few invaluable tools that can be used in your keyword rankings analysis.

Wordtracker   is an excellent search tool that tells you how often people search and also how many competing sites use those keywords.  It helps find keyword combinations, gives you their popularity and shows you your chances for making the top 10.  It has a free trial, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Wordtracker will also send you the top 500 frequently searched words on the Internet, completely FREE of charge, just sign up.

Google Adwords Suggestion Tool is another free tool to help you cross check your findings.

7 Search Keyword Tool is another free tool that tells you how many, people searched that keyword last month

SBI consistently has top ranking profitable websites through an integrated keyword rankings research program called SBI Manager.  Manager not only gives you supply, demand, and profitability, but it has a wonderful brainstorming feature that allows great flexibility when manipulating the various keywords rankings research methods.

By using a combination of all of these tools and cross checking your results, you will start getting a pretty clear picture of the path to follow before you actually start creating your keyword focused content website.


If you are good at English, try putting together a list of action verbs and combining them with your selective niche keywords and then plug them into the keyword rankings research tools suggested above.

When you try to search do you talk to your computer such as “How can I..”, ” How do I…”,”How to…”

Many searchers will put in the .com

Try common incorrect spellings or use the plural form of the word.

Most searchers will err on the side of simplicity

Most searchers are not typists

On the average, most searchers  have an 8th grade reading level.

Most are not interested in learning a new skill, so will continue to search as they do in the yellow pages or the library.

Your future customer is a real human being, and being such, keep your terms as well-defined and clearly descriptive of your products/services as possible.  The point here is the customers you are looking for aren’t a computer and they aren’t a dictionary. So when you do your keyword rankings research, you can’t be either .

Are you seeing, now, why your business plan outline is so very, very, important?  I hope so, and  with a little bit of extra thought during the keyword rankings research, you’ll  come up with just the right blend of keywords that form phrases that will meet your goal:

 “My website’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”

Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings are achieved through the choices you make when you SEO (search engine optimize) your pages with KEYwords that target the click-through customer. Isn’t that

 what you really want to achieve as a business with products/services, professional webmaster or even as a newbie web builder? 

Our primary focus is to have an income producing web business as opposed to a traffic-generating web site.

So, what does that really mean? Since the search engine rankings and optimization process start with the choices you make for KEYwords, then it stands to reason that your KEYword analysis must focus on the end result your website is expected to achieve.

WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS?Is your website strictly meant to be an online presence without regard to traffic or income? Then it’s a no brainier!Forget about the KEYwords! You don’t need them!Maybe all you want is a place to put your photo album or share personal stories with other family or friends…this is great, and many people do exactly that! Maybe you want to join a few community groups and share your hobbies or travel experiences…in these cases, there is absolutely no reason to battle with the KEYword and search engine rankings issue. Be creative…enjoy your online time, but do not expect your website to make money! BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME…ha! NOT! 

On the other hand,are you an information junky who would like to make money doing what you know how to to do? Are you a home-based business, net auction company , are you selling products/ services , or maybe an off-line brick and mortar business wishing to expand your incomes tream to the internet? Whatever you may be, if you are trying to make money on the web, then you must keep your eye on the prize…

YOU are looking for those customers who are ready to spend money at your website!Your objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time. Lest you forget this, type it out and paste it in front of you each time you work on your search engine rankings…no matter who you are!Don’t waste time, lose direction, patience or $$$$ whether a pro or beginner be…make this your mantra as you delve into your quest forsearch engine rankings and SEO through the proper choice of KEYword phrases and their analysis….“My website’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”This, my dear friends, is what it’s all about.SEO is a series of detailed actions. Each one individually is quite simple to implement. However, add them all together and there is quite a bit of room for error. We have put together 1-5 EZ Tips and 6-10 EZ tips to get you started in your search engine rankings journey.Have Questions? Click Here to get them answered now! Or, feel free ro use our free service Mentor Me. 

Website Placement

Top website placement is a combination of creative ideas, the business plan, and the marketing campaign that fuels them.

Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at the flagship product we are using to test our own website placement
We’ll examine what marketing expert, Ken Evoy, and others have to say about creating solid business plans, pre planning, and marketing before starting down the internet super highway.

Are all experts created equal? Hardly! Along the way we will review other products and services, both free and paid. We’ll be looking at what it takes to attain those coveted website placement spots.

We’ll be examing how to find in-demand keywords, target marketing, pre-selling, design sites, software, consultants,…I could go on forever, but you get the point!

We hope to present an unbiased view when reporting on ease of use (or not) as the case may be. We will also provide information that will help save time and money no matter which direction you choose or what products you think are best for your specific learning process.Website placement starts long before the selection of KEYwords or optimizing a page for the search engines! It starts with a solid concept followed by sound business plans. Then, add an inspired dose of CREATIVITY fueled by SMART MARKETING…this is your roadmap to top placement in the search engines. 

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