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Top 10 Web- Site Build It Review

In the next few paragraphs, I will give you my personal experiences with Site Build It (SBI for short), the brainchild product of Dr. Ken Evoy.   I have listed his other products (free and paid) to give you quick access at the end of this article. However, this review is primarily focused on his flagship product, SBI, its benefits and drawbacks. 

Ken Evoy is a Canadian doctor turned toy maker turned internet marketer.  He has a line of E-Books (Cost & Free) all relating to business on the web for the small, small business owner (click here for a description of a small, small business according to SBI creator, Ken Evoy. He first started as an affiliate selling other people’s products and subsequently became quite successful doing so.

He then proceeded to author and co-author a variety of manuals, and in 1999, his program was named “Best Affiliate Program” of the year by Affiliates Directory.Com. Ken Evoy’s program was selected over 2,500 other affiliate programs. You can visit the 5 Pillar Affiliate program  here , get an introduction, and see for yourself if you feel this program has value.

One of his outstanding works is Make Your Site Sell

(MYSS) focusing mostly on the use of pre-selling instead of the old-fashioned hard sales pitch. Gone are those days as we usher in the new era of informed, information-hungry consumers. No longer are people willing to buy just because there is a flashy presentation and a loud drum roll! Oh, no! The coined phrase today is “over-deliver”.

Well, as far as I am concerned, Site Build It has done just that. The internet is exploding with information, tips, tricks, best buys, 2 for 1, free ebooks, the e-university or just about anything else you can think of! If you can think of it, you can find it.

  • Used to be, building a doorway page was all the rage.
  • Then building with flash would bring the cash.
  • Now its pick a theme and watch the income stream.

So here we are, full circle.

On the WWW, if your words don’t deliver a unique message in a clear and engaging fashion, then your reputation is at stake, and you probably shouldn’t give up your day job just yet..

Site Build It Review not only tapped into the new age trend of over deliverance, but took it to a brand new level, at least in my humble opinion. I can report Site Build It has a few inconveniences, but for the most part, if it bears the Site Build It identity, then without a doubt you are receiving much more than you could ever imagine at rates completely within find valuable information that really let me see what Site Build It Review was all about. I could see examples of verifiable traffic ratings; I downloaded free e-books, bought several others after reading the free ones. I kept going back because I knew Site Build It materials were sound and clearly written.

Imagine, a Dr. and his colleagues with a sense of humor! I could visit real customer sites, I could talk to these real people first…and yes, I called them before I ever spent a dime on Site Build It Review . I chuckled at the Site Build It guarantee – that remained to be seen, I was even more intrigued by being able to have everything under one roof, so to speak. That, for me, was the piece de resistance –

At this point, I would have to say that one of the few drawbacks to Site Build It (if you can call it that), is the quantity of information. So much so, that it takes a great deal of time to read the rather lengthy materials, especially if you are on a busy schedule. If you are completely new at building a web business, then the learning curve could take a bit longer. It really depends at what stage of the e-learning process you are at when you start.

One of my biggest gripes with some of these supposed guru websites are the way you get caught in an endless stream of repetitive rhetoric that goes on forever. The pages are so long I skim down to the bottom …maybe that’s why they call it the bottom line!

They’ve pounded my senses with why I need their most valuable info (found nowhere else, mind you) without which I cannot possibly hope to achieve success…Doesn’t this smack of the hard sell of yesteryear? A tad pushy for my taste!

I was comforted, somewhat, when I arrived at Site Build It to find valuable information that really let me see what Site Build It was all about. I could see examples of verifiable traffic ratings; I downloaded free e-books, bought several others after reading the free ones. I kept going back because I knew Site Build It materials were sound and clearly written.

Imagine, a Dr. and his colleagues with a sense of humor! I could visit real customer sites, I could talk to these real people first…and yes, I called them before I ever spent a dime on Site Build It. I chuckled at the Site Build It guarantee – that remained to be seen, I was even more intrigued by being able to have everything under one roof, so to speak. That, for me, was the piece de resistance –

  1. [n]  the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection
  2. [n]  the most important dish of a meal

Having always done my web building with a variety of tools, I knew first hand what a task it was to stay organized.  Keeping all those e-ducks in a row was a challenge even for Ms. Methodical herself!  You guessed it…I pulled out the big CC and paid my then $299 for Site Build It.  Furthermore, at this point in the review, I would still give it a go at $499 USD, its present price!

I keep referring to my aviation knowledgebase when I say the devil is in the details…and lots of those little horned creatures everywhere! Site Build It promised to keep them, at the very least, in one spot and on one checklist!  So who do you think was doing loops now?

Site Build It is proving to be a complete web business building product.  It contains everything from “where do I start” to” smiling all the way to the bank.”  Not once, not ever, does Ken tell you this will be easy!  I get so tired of being bombarded by the “make millions in 30 seconds or less” that even the spam checkers are deleting this stuff!  Isn’t this where John Stossel says “GIMME’ A BREAK!”

As soon as you receive confirmation of your Site Build It purchase, download and print out your Site Build It Action Guide..A step by step process that takes you through every conceivable situation. I highly recommend you read this first from cover to cover and see it from the 30,000 foot level.

Take your time, but don’t angst over the unfamiliar.  In my case, I could rank my site with the big boys, get traffic increasing the bandwidth (and the expenses), but my conversion rate was just not there

Keeping track of things was my biggest challenge.  Marketing the site was certainly another topic that needed to be perfected.

Yeah, I can get them to the top…but what then?  That’s why I bought Site Build It!   That’s what consumers expect from their service professionals…results, results, results they can take to the bank!

Ken’s very first piece of advice is to do a little each day in manageable steps, keep moving forward.  He tells you this isn’t rocket science, but it does require some organizational skills, and a solid commitment to your own success.

His advice is repeated over and over again with references back to earlier portions where he may have laid groundwork in case you forgot or need to review.  His written offline and online materials  are easily navigated, if you pay attention…but that is exactly why you bought Site Build It, isn’t it?

Yes, he is repetitive across the board, but when you are just starting out, this is a good thing.  As a flight instructor I cannot count how many times I repeated basic flight facts i.e:
pitch = speed
power = altitude.
Finally, about the 30 hour mark, it sinks in!.

Web Site Design Expert

You might not be a web site design expert, but it is easier than you think to SEO your page for improved listings.

Just about any web site design expert will agree that size does matter...graphically speaking, of course.  The following tips are basic principles when calling upon your design creativity.

Your goal is to keep your site ranking well in the search engines, deliver great content, and maintain asimple but appealing design.  Not everybody is experienced on the net, so KISS (Keep ISimple Stupid), for their sake and yours.  

No matter where you start, you will certainly become a web site design expert in no time at all…just learn a little bit more each day.

Tip #1 Default Font  or Font Code  

When you choose your font, be aware that using a font tag <font size=”2″> adds additional coding to your pages. This means that more of your page is unable to be read and indexed by the spiders that visit your site.  Coding adds bulk but not value in the SEO process.  If you use a default font you will eliminate much of this excess baggage.  Be aware that any coding is virtually unreadable by the spiders.

The drawback to using the default font is the lack of diversity the web site design expert runs into when trying to create a particular look.  To eliminate confusion for the viewer with too many font styles, and too much coding for the spiders, examine your page for consistency and balance in this area.  Keep your keyword focused content the main priority until you are more knowledgeable in this area. 

Site Build It has excellent tutorials (in the Action Guide) and optimizers to keep your page balanced.  Click here for an example of what a spider sees when looking at code and text.

Tip #2  Graphic Types and Size- Gif or Jpeg? 

Generally, you will want to use smaller graphics in respect to slow-loading pages. Don’t lose your visitors because of this avoidable frustration.

In a GIF, a single colored horizontal line takes the same amount of space no matter how long it is. This makes a GIF perfect for solid color images like logos, cartoons, and text stored as graphics.

JPEG uses a lossy compression which is for images with many mixed colors like photographic or multi-color images.  

Choose a GIF for a solid color image and JPEG for a photographic image. When in doubt, try both formats and choose the one that gives the best image quality for the lowest file size.

Web site design experts are keenly aware of file type and size, and so should you. 

Tip #3  Reuse Your Graphics 

Have your graphics do double duty!  You don’t have to compromise.  Reusing your graphics reduces load time and gives your pages a sense of design.  As a web site design expert, you can incorporate these simple techniques and still maintain the look and feel  you want.

Making several references to the same graphics file from different places on your page or your site means the browser accesses your graphics file only once.  It then keeps it in a cache or memory. From then on, future references to the file will retrieve it quickly from the cache, and won’t have to spend valuable load time to get it over the Internet.

Tip #4  Create a Logo

Make your logo a bold statement and representative of your web site.  People identify you and your business with this picture or graphic.    It’s the visitor’s first impression and plays a key role in how they perceive you.  Look like a web site design expert and take the time to design a logo that quickly creates the essence of your site. Use some good old common sense in your design.  Make your logo bold and easy to read.  Choose an appropriate font for your theme.  Make sure the logo will print clean..Sometimes people will print copies of your pages.

Use the height and width HTML tags which allows the browser to draw the outline of your logo immediately without the screen shifting while it is being drawn:

<img src=”logo.gif” height=Y width=X>

If your logo doesn’t inspire you, it won’t inspire anyone else either.  Don’t stop until you are satisfied with your results.

Tip #5  Background and Text Colors 

Use of color in background and text is a great way to enhance your site if used correctly. Always use dark against light or vice versa.  A light text use light text against a dark background or dark text against a light background.  Studies show that web viewers stay longer when a light background with dark text is used.

This basic principle ensures your text will be readable…this is so very important!   Keep this in perspective with the other aspects of your site design.

If you decide to use a background pattern, keep your pattern consistent regarding color.  Don’t use a pattern with both light and dark colors…your text will become difficult to read, if it can be read at all.  Many a web site design expert has learned this lesson the hard way…you don’t have to.

Use of a background pattern is generally not recommended, but if you must use a pattern, keep it very subtle.  It will fight with your text for the reader’s attention.   A web site design expert will err on the side of simplicity and KISS (KeepISimple Stupid).  

Become a web site design expert, by following a few basic principles of layout and design.

A web site design expert always uses a checklist.  If you haven’t started yours, then now is the perfect time time.

 Like anything else…this is a learning process!

Search engines are used by people to help them LOCATE INFORMATION about products and services they want or need.  When they find you, keep them interested with your creative design.

There isn’t a web site design expert alive that knows everything.  You just need to know what it takes to have your site meet your goals.
Use the Mentor Me free service at any time.

Tip #6 Using a simple (client-side) Image Map  

Client-side simply means that the links' code resides within your web page and is not dependent on scripts or special server functions.

An image map is a graphic or picture in which different areas have a designated "link hot spot" going to an internal or external page.  There is no map file and no CGI script. The only drawback is it only works with browsers that support HTML 3.0 and greater.

Image maps are easy to create and add a special touch that turns you into a web site design expert.

Tip #7 Accommodating for Screen Size  

The most common screen size is 800 x 600 pixels closely followed by the slightly larger 1024 x 768.  When designing the main parts of your page, try to keep the width around  720-760 pixels. This Browser Grid (opens in full window) gives you an idea of the different screen areas.

With the onslaught of technology and accessing the web through handheld devices  becomes more prevalent, a slightly smaller screen resolution is in order.  Try about 240 x 320 (HP iPAQ) to 320 x 480 (Sony Clié) and go from there.   If this is a consideration for you, design a more flexible layout using percentages rather than pixels for all your elements and type sizes.  

Being aware of resolution, will turn you into a web site design expert in no time and make your site available to many more viewers which increases your chances for greater profits.

Tip #8  Use a Web Design Checklist

Besides your business plan outline, fill in this simple web design checklist of features(then print it out for easy reference) with the features you want your web site to have.  Keep your site within your building capabilities. Keep your site simple and uncluttered (unless your goal is a high-end flash site).  Stay away from added scripting and other coding that could add bulk and not content to your site.  Visit other similar web sites to get additional ideas.

As a web site design expert, you will have to determine how advanced your site will be.  Will you really need video, database, flash, etc?  Determine the amount of  user interaction you are expecting…and can provide for, e.g., online credit card processing, shopping carts, bulletin boards, chat rooms, site search, etc.  

In order to keep your site ranking well in the search engines, for the most part deliver great content while maintaining a straightforward design.  Not everybody is experienced on the net as you may be, so KISS (Keep ISimple Stupid), for their sake at least.  If you feel the overwhelming desire for whirlygigs and the like, consider building an alternate site for those not browser and ISP challenged!

Tip #9 Easy Navigation

Your visitors should be able to find what they are looking for in your site within three clicks.  If not, they are very likely to click off your site as quickly as they clicked in.

It is more important that your navigational buttons and tabs be easy to read and understand than to have “flashy” effects.

Link colors in your text should be familiar to your visitor (blue text usually indicates an unvisited link and purple or maroon text usually indicates a visited link), if possible. If you decide not to use the default colors, then emphasize by using  boldface, larger font size, set between small vertical lines, or some combination of these. Make your text links unique from any other text in your web pages.

Tip #10  Layout and Design

When it comes to layout and design, the important thing is to make sure that there is a layout…take the extra time to display it aesthetically.

Divide your information into logical sections – use tables

  • Make  your home page attractive, easy to navigate, and well laid out
  • Maintain a consistent theme and scheme throughout the entire site
  • try to use colors, styles and fonts that complement each other

The stylish view from any web site design expert is very subjective to taste, and everybody will have their own idea of what looks good. Be careful not to underestimate the importance of layout and design…first impressions are hard to erase.

Site Build It Review has an easy-to-use building interface that makes your job as a web site design expert a point and click affair.  Throughout the Action Guide training their are pictures and text helpers to keep you going in the right direction.  If you would rather use your own editor, and are more advanced in HTML and other coding, then it is just as easy to create your own and upload to their server without losing any of the excellent tracking and submission systems that keeps tabs on performance. For questions about how Site Build It Review accomplishes this fete, direct your questions here.

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