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10 Search Engine Rankings strategies – Web Site Search Engine

10 Search Engine Rankings strategies – Web Site Search Engine

Web site search engine strategies are involved and often misunderstood.  We will give you, what we feel, are the top 10 EZ tips to help improve chances for your web site search engine placement. 

Your search engine promotional program is highly dependent on your ability to understand and evaluate your findings correctly.

We cannot stress too often that your search engine placement begins with a tightly focused website theme that targets valuable keywords within your niche.  All this should have preceded this next phase of your search engine ranking strategies.

Goal Review
<align=”center”>“My web site’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”</align=”center”>


We can speculate, at least for the moment, that you have decided to build your own web site.  We might also speculate that you are a webmaster looking to expand your services to your clients through improved web site search engine techniques.  Lastly, we can speculate that you are looking for a web professional to work with you to accomplish your goal.

You could be using Dreamweaver, Front Page, or some other html program to accomplish the building and design.  There are a number of “instant web site builders” as well as numerous templates available for anyone at any level.  Visit our Website Learning Library for a list of available resources.  If you have questions, fill out the Mentor Me form to request your free consultation.   We highly recommendconsidering Site Build It for your web site search engine strategies.  It’s an excellent one-stop solution for the newbie and expert alike.  

If you feel you want more control over individual parts of the web site search engine process, then Web Position Gold is the standard for the industry with excellent support.

No matter where you start, you will certainly learn valuable web site search engine ranking strategies during the development phase.

EZ Tip 1 – Optimize the Title Tag  

The title tag should contain 1-7 words.  The beginning of the title should contain your chosen keywords (phrase) that you will be using on this page.  The rest of the seven words should be the other chosen keywords you will be using on this page. Focus, focus, focus on your content repeating these keywords several times each in thispage. This is just a general rule of thumb…this is after all an EZ tip!

EZ Tip 2  – Header Duplication

Never repeat titles or meta descriptions in your Web site. Each page should have a unique title, meta description, and Heading.  Each one should be a direct reflection of your chosen keywords (phrase) for that page.  Keep all the tags and titles consistent with the chosen keywords (phrase) for that particular page.  Don’t get lazy and forget this very simple, but much neglected principle.  Keep those spiders focused from the top to the bottom of your page.  Keep it simple and straightforward…any web site search engine shortcuts can only hurt you in the long run.

EZ Tip 3  – Meta Tag Importance 

Meta tags have been so badly misused by newbie and expert alike, that the spiders just do not assign a great deal of importance to them.  It was once OK to stuff the meta tag with all the keywords in the universe, but today, that is no longer true.  However, play it safe, and for consistency purposes, follow the same rule for your meta keyword tag as you did for your title and header tags.

Only include those keywords (phrases) that you have chosen for this page.  Once again, you will have to repeat these several keywords (phrases) throughout your body copy.  Every page is a new chance to be indexed (found) by the search engine spiders.

EZ Tip 4 Avoid being “Framed”  

Generally, you can achieve the look of a frame set through the use of CSS (cascading style sheets) layer positioning, iframes and other methods. Use frames only if you really, really have to.  And then, read up on the proper optimization for a frames page or leave it to the professional with a proven record in optimization for framed websites.

EZ Tip 5 Improper or No Keyword Research  

Do adequate keyword research.  Most, like Wordtracker ,  7 search,  Google Adwords Suggestion Tool , and Overture keyword research tools are free.  If you have chosen Site Build It as your all in one web business solution, then you will find the SBI Manager an invaluable tool designed for this and more.  Read the Site Build It Review by Alicia Monroe to get her honest, no-holes barred opinion, or call any one of the present SBI users and get their input.

Explore this web site as it is devoted to the subject of web site search engine rankings and keyword research!  Email  or use the Mentor Me free service if you have questions.  There is no excuse for not getting this part right.  We realize this is one of the most overwhelming parts for many a newbie and professional.  

Use all the free help available…we’re here for you! 

Web site search engine promotion is all about finding ways to optimize your website for high rankings. Good search engine strategies should take into consideration the following are only a starting point of reference for you to build upon your 10 EZ tips.

  • Head, title, and meta tags (limit and focus descriptions and keywords)
  • Include your contact information
  • Body text should be interesting, informative, and supports the targeted keywords
  • Keep flash, java, and dynamic web pages (asp, jsp) to a minimum.  Use CSS as an alternative to allow reading by the web site search engine spiders
  • Improve/ fix html code, broken links, and tags
  • Content should support the keyword phrases for the page
  • Use sufficient keyword concentration/placement on a page 

Search engines are used by people to help them LOCATE INFORMATION about products and services they want or need. 

No matter where you start, you will certainly learn valuable web site search engine ranking strategies during the development phase.

EZ Tip 6  What is Too Many or Not Enough Keywords in Text?  

Commonly called Keyword Frequency or Density.  A common mistake is to mix too many keywords into your web page. In EZ Tip #1 we discussed using 1-7 keywords (phrases) and then repeating them throughout the page focusing on those chosen few.  Frequency is how often a keyword appears on the page or in an area on the page. In general, the more times a keyword appears on the page, the more relevant it will be to that search.

You don’t want to go overboard with frequency since many engines will penalize you for keyword “spamming” if they feel you were excessive. In general though, use your keywords in your page in as many different areas as you can,

  • You can download Web Position Gold 2 Trial version.  It is limited to 5 domain names and times out after 30 days, but it gives you plenty of time to give it a test drive for FREE without having to give your credit card number.

Now go and review your existing page and see if it meets these general criteria.  Every page you build is a potential entry pagefor the web site search engine spiders…make it focused so they know exactly what your page theme is.  Cick here to see what a “spider sees.” 

EZ Tip 7  Broken Text Links, Graphic Links, and Image Map Links 

Avoid links going nowhere!  Nothing worse than being in the middle of a great information site or being ready to purchase when the link goes to “this page cannot be found.”

You have carefully guided your visitors to this point, don’t lose them now. This is such an easy thing to do, but like so many of these little details, these dead links can go undetected costing you a possible client and lower your click through conversion rate.

  • First Place Software has come up with an easy to use program called Link Defender to keep the broken link beast at bay.  Link Defender can also be downloaded on a 30 day FREE Trial basis without having to give a credit card number or sell your first born!  Go ahead, give it a spin and see for yourself.

EZ Tip 8  Poor Load Time 

Keep your load time within reason.   Suppose, just for this instance, that you have a great ranking site, well written, good linking, etc., but for some reason you traffic just doesn’t match up.   If your viewers have to wait for your page to load, they will go down to the next link on the web site search engine listing.

Create smaller graphics in dimension and resolution, if possible.  Reduce the number and size of animated graphics.  Use fewer graphics overall.  Reduce your graphics in an outside editor then insert them into your web page rather than resizing them in your web building program.

The next time you have to wait for a page to load, examine how long you are willing to wait, then reduce that time just for safety’s sake.  More than 10-15 seconds is already too long for our instant gratification society.

EZ Tip 9  Put Keyword in Your URL 

Placing your keywords in your URL takes preplanning.  Consider having your domain name with the keywords you chose for your site theme.  Web site search engine spiders look in all places when trying to find a correlation between your keywords and your theme. Just like a book, your domain name is your virtual title.


You can reinforce the keywords for each page by including it in your page URLs.


EZ Tip 10  Don’t Wait For the Spider to Find You 

If time is not a factor for you, then, by all means…wait.   On the other hand, if your pursuit of profitability is a bit more urgent in this web site search engine portion, then pay to have your your site included in the search engines as quickly as possibleAffordable Search Engine Optimization Services

Paying to have your site included in a SE’s index is NOT the same as paying for your list ranking as you would with a Pay-Per-Click engine. Pay-per-inclusion does not guarantee ranking… it only guarantees you’ll be included in the index!

That means properly-optimized Keyword Focused Content Pages continue to be vitally important in attaining high rankings.

Most services still maintain a “free-submit” service (ex., Google and FAST are pretty good, AltaVista is OK but slow), but there are benefits to shelling out a few dollars…

1) Faster inclusion

 into the web site search engine indexes. You can wait forever for Inktomi (and therefore the engines it drives such as MSN) to spider you.  AltaVista has been taking two months lately. Paying means you should see your site included within a couple of days.

2) Repeated, regular spiderings.

 There is no waiting around for weeks for re-indexing.  Updated web site search engine listings display your page tweaking efforts within days.

3) Guaranteed continuous inclusion. 

Search Engines are pretty mysterious creatures. One day, your in the top 20 ranking, and the next day it’s gone — disappeared without a trace.  Paying for your listing means it will never be dropped from the index.

Search engine rankings are achieved through the choices you make when you SEO (search engine optimize) your pages with KEYwords that target the click-through customer. Isn’t that what you really want to achieve as a business with products/services, professional webmaster or even as a newbie web builder?

Our primary focus is to have an income producing web business as opposed to a traffic-generating web site.

So, what does that really mean? Since the search engine rankings. and optimization process start with the choices you make for KEYwords. Then it stands to reason that your KEYword analysis must focus on the end result your website is expected to achieve.


Is your website strictly meant to be an online presence without regard to traffic or income? Then it’s a no brainer! Forget about the KEYwords! You don’t need them! Maybe all you want is a place to put your photo album. or share personal stories with other family or friends. This is great, and many people do exactly that! Maybe you want to join a few community groups. and share your hobbies or travel experiences. In these cases, there is absolutely no reason to battle with the KEYword and search engine rankings issue. Be creative. Enjoy your online time, but do not expect your website to make money! BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME…ha! NOT!

On the other hand, are you an information junky who would like to make money doing what you know how to to do? Are you a home-based business, net auction company.  Are you selling products/ services , or maybe an off-line brick and mortar business wishing to expand your income stream to the internet?

YOU are looking for those customers who are ready to spend money at your website!Your objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time. Lest you forget this, type it out and paste it in front of you each time. You work on your search engine rankings…no matter who you are!Don’t waste time, lose direction, patience or $$$$ whether a pro or beginner be…make this your mantra as you delve into your quest for search engine rankings and SEO through the proper choice of KEYword phrases and their analysis….“My website’s objective is to convert traffic into paying clients who become repeat customers that generate referrals over time.”This, my dear friends, is what it’s all about.SEO is a series of detailed actions. Each one individually is quite simple to implement.

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