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Best Tips to Check Before Buying Expired Domains of [2019]

Are you considering buying expired domain? Do you want to rank your site and build a blog network with expired domains? If yes then you need to follow my ultimate tips that can get you into it. As we understand around these times of years. Many novice domain businesses get confused and stuck when it comes to evaluation of expired domains. Others end up purchasing expensive domains thinking that they have got exactly the deal. Only to realize later domains bought are worthless.

Moreover, out there exists spam and fraudulent domains usually their page ranks have been modified up using dubious means and ways. In this point you need a skill to choose and select the good one. We all understand that all the SEOs and top ranking sites we are seeing stepping up to top levels often use expired domains. And the reason why is that the expired domains have the benefit that worthy inguarantying a solid blog network. Therefore in this detailed article we are going to focus on the things we need to consider and verify before we “shell out” the little hundreds of thousands buying expired domains. Let’s have a look.

There are many things you need to take into consideration before buying expired domains and I bet if you read through the detailed tips bellow, you will be able to get good domains. Here are the tips and clues we need to consider and check before buying expired domains.

#1 Check for Adsense Ban

First step that you must do is to check the Google AdSense ban. If the domain can not pass, then move it out from your sight. There exists many expired domain which are Google AdSense banned and you may fall into a trap of buying them. The fact is that the banned one is of no use. To help you, an AdSense Sendbox Checker is a tool I recommend for you to use’ that can help to determine the AdSense ban. Don’t hit the wall on how you will operate it. What you need is only to enter your URL and click on Previews Ads. The result in this case is your anticipation. If the Ads get displayed all of them, then you hit the nail on the target, simply it’s banned.

Domain e-mail investigation. You can build a professional business with the expired domain, only later to realize that the e-mail related to your site was reported as a scam. Do you think all will get well with you? I bet no. You see? It can end up ruining the business. Anyway don’t worry. Before the all those turns against you, you need to do something good. Good news! You need to collect the past e-mails that you can get on the old page while pasting them and adding words such as scam, spam, fraud; words like those. It’s very crucial before you start the business.

#2 Check for Domain and Page Authority (DA/PA)

Always check and verify domain DA/PA before you buy. We all understand that hundreds or rather I can say thousands of domains expire daily due to some or various reasons. The need to check them on the sites such as Moonsy among many other sites is recommended. The PA and the DA, the two crucial and essential factors majorly known to be considered help one to find out the quality of expired domain. Therefore you need to consider this fact before you buy an expired domain.

Furthermore if you are purchasing any expired domain, then you need to check both the DA and PA while trying to capture them with DA 25+. Check the MozRank. In relation to above backlink determination, you will also consider the fact how good the backlinks are to the page. This is simply done by the MozRank, a metric ranged between 0-10 used to determine how perfect the backlinks are to the page. Usually, a domain with huge numbers of links to its page basically contains high MozRank.

#3 Check for Domain Trust Flow (TF)

The authority of the domain. Although the domain authority is something that we should not verify but when it comes to expired domains, a medium authority is at least needed. Usually, the trust of expired domain gets built during years. So from this point it’s straight forward to determine good domain. In case you find domains aged more than one year trust authority, which means you should run away from them.

Basically, you can achieve that using an Ahrefs domain authority checker. Determine the total backlinks from different domains. Basically, backlinks are known to give a wrong idea. However, verification of the good domain is also possible. This is only done by comparing the total number of backlinks of the domain with different IP addresses of those sites. Many backlinks from different sites accompanied with many IP addresses is a show of a good domain.

#4 See the Domain History

Checking the archive of website. You may overcome the above checks and come out smiling that you got the deal not bearing in mind the archive of website. It’s better to check the type of website used by this domain before it expired. All you need is simply going to the archive and input your domain URL there. Take me back button is enabled to navigate you to screenshot link. On the graph provided in that link, I bet you can be able to click on any year to see how far the domain has been in use before.

#5 Buying Expired Domains with Back Order Service

Always backorder the domain name. Before you decide to buy the domain you need to backorder the domain name. This step is important as it enables you to monitor the availability of the domain name and alerts you early before auction begins. If you want to backorder the domain name, all you need is to sign up in the account in your trusted auction partner.

Evaluate the expired domains using the majestic SEO. This is the software that creates huge amount of intelligent databases. On the other side it provides with metrics to verify the expired domain. So learn to use it before you deciding to buy expired domain. Here we highlighted the top sites that you can get access to good expired domains.

  • DomCop.comis one of the best sites that are accessible within a click. Page ranks, Moz Rank, Majestic SEO among many other metrics are offered in this site.
  • – If you understand better on the value of expired domains, PRs, backlinking and SEO, this is the site I recommend for you to browse. You need not to sign up in order to check for the expired domains. So awe!
  • is one of the sites that bring the names of expired domains with classification of buyers. The site urges you to specify whether you want a domain as an investor, a website owner or SEO/SEM expert.

Verification of the PageRank carefully. As we saw above, out there exists many fraudulent expired domains with modified page ranks and sometimes you may caught up buying them. Do you need to escape from that trap? Well. You need to check the domain using a fake PR checker, a special verification tool or else you will end up purchasing a fake domain worthless for use. Mostly recommended expired domains with good PageRank are the likes of deleted domain names, Pre-release domain and closeout domains.

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