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Best Creative Small Business Ideas-2018


Best Creative Small Business Ideas

Get support from someone who has been right
where you 
are and creative small business ideas you LOVE!

FACT: Businesses who leverage online strategies the right way make more money, have a longer life span & allow for a better lifestyle. Plain & Simple!

Who doesn’t want that!? Easier said then done though, right? Or is it …

If your like me and you have SO much to give, say and do through your business you can quickly get bogged down by the hundreds of BIG ideas that you create. I get SO frustrated knowing that there are so many amazingly creative people with life or business changing tools but their message is hidden within a pile of un-executed projects. Ugh!

I know it all to well because I have been there. I built my business slowly and surely always having this bigger vision in my mind. Although I had no idea how exactly I was going to get there my vision ignited this creativity in me. So I moved into creative action! Re-branding, new site, new packages, new copy … but every action I took, while it felt like I was getting somewhere, not one bit of it really brought me to my bigger financial goals. In fact, I found that my efforts created a scattered unfocused brand – so much so I couldn’t even explain my offerings in an easy way to my potential customers.

I couldn’t believe I was making the same amount of money, working more with all the new action steps and still not even close to my vision! As I stepped back and looked at my creative small business ideas it felt so disjointed. I knew there had to be another way and something needed to change. So I started to study, get coached and work through this block. I found out that most creative entrepreneurs experience this very same thing especially when they are at a point of taking there business to the next revenue level! Two important concepts where highlighted to me:

  1. Taking RIGHT Action
  2. Strategic Planning

Taking RIGHT Action – If you had a choice wouldn’t you choose to take the easiest shortest path to your vision. Identifying and taking RIGHT action in your creative small business ideas is exactly what that is! You see, as I mentioned before leveraging online strategies is the RIGHT way to grow a business. But as the online market grows and technology progresses there are new ways to market and if you randomly choose which ones to target you are creating the curviest longest path to creating your vision!

Strategic Planning – But how do you decide what the RIGHT actions should be? Planning and researching. You see you can probably go out into the web and find out just about everything you need to know to do this – in fact I still leverage a good research protocol when assisting my clients – but get ready to put in some MAJOR time! Why not use me as your resource and get instant access to over 10 years of positioning and testing within many different industries and markets. I have seen just about every model in action and I know where YOUR target market is. I also know EXACTLY what technology it takes to connect you to your market. You can’t lose when you can cut down the research hours and gain instant access to the exact resources it takes to be successful online.

Additionally, I am watching the ever changing digital perspectives and I keep you and your business right up to date with that. You need to know the next big thing and what it means for you and your competitors. Your creatives will finally take on the life they are meant to when you begin planning and developing how to get them launched into the world!

These two foundational concepts are what allowed me to take my business from disjointed ideas to a focused MULTIPLE 6-figures! Now it’s your turn – only you won’t have to make the same mistakes!

STOP creating in an un-serving way…

STOP moving into un-focused action …

STOP guessing …

Instead TRANSFORM your Business with Me as Your Guide!

Creating your business to consistently grow can be overwhelming and being an entrepreneur can be lonely … You don’t have to do it alone!  Take your business power back and allow technology to empower your business so you can create the business masterpiece of your dreams. Together we can …

You can have the business you are striving for, all you need is:

  • a valuable technology resource – guiding you on what works and what doesn’t
  • a digital marketing expert – privy to the most proven marketing strategies holding your hand through the implementation of it all,
  • an implementation expert – who can help you understand the process of implementation so you maximize your delegation dollars,
  • a reliable strategist – who can help you focus your goals and take your big ideas to completed projects
  • a source to help you bring your ideas to reality – live your brilliance and let yourself be creative, I will help you prioritize so your business is never bogged down by the fog of creativity.
  • create systems to maximize your time and efforts – instead of living and working in overwhelm and wondering around like a sleepwalker!


One of the keys to doing business online is to align your goals with your actions and to organize your resources in a way that maximizes your output! Doing creative small business ideas in this way will give you more time, create joy in your business and increase your revenue!

The time is now – revitalize and transform your business with support and sound strategy. As entrepreneurs we have the luxury of doing business any way we like! I can show you how to do business online to bring you the work/life balance your looking for.

Together we will focus your goals, map out your path and decide what business building elements fit you and your goals. This isn’t a cookie cutter system or a do it yourself program – I will be right there with you every step of the way!

It is my passion to help you take your business to new levels. I am ready to partner with you to amp up your marketing and kick your online creative small business ideas. Building efforts into high gear! Get started by choosing an accessible 1-1 support package below. These packages are completely customize able and crafted. So you can lock in ongoing support with me. Let’s focus your creativity and create a plan of action to bring your vision to reality!

I have developed these packages especially for you. Each package is the canvas of which we can paint your strategy and color your brand! This is TRULY a CUSTOM service. Just see the wide range of subjects we can potentially tackle in any one of these packages:

  • Development of an Online Sales Sequence
  • Development of an Online Funnel
  • List Building Strategy
  • Product Launch Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Branding Strategy
  • Author Marketing Plan
  • Speaker Marketing Plan
  • Info Marketing Business Building
  • Web Project Management
  • Web Design Strategy
  • Affiliate Program Strategy
  • JV Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Event Marketing Plan
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Blogging for Profit
  • Traffic Building: SEO, SEM, PPC etc.
  • Team Building
  • Systems Development
  • Team Training
  • Plus much more!


Why Choose a Package?

By purchasing a package you are partnering with me on an ongoing basis. Packages create a better environment for growth with key features like accountability and updates so you will continually move forward in your business. Each package offers special discounts compared to the as-needed-support. The more support in the package you choose the higher the discounts! Plus as you will see in the explanations below the packages offer additional items not included in as-needed-support as well as lock in a time slot in my schedule.

What is a Pre-Planning Call?

In the bigger packages we begin with a valuable pre-planning session to create the foundation of your online business building map. From this you receive the next steps in building your business and a valuable focus of the overall goals in your business. This kicks off your support calls with a key foundation and paves the energy for subsequent calls!

What are Support Calls or Follow Up Calls

These calls are built to create an environment where your business is not only moving forward but maximized. With an in depth support for online marketing, web development, social media strategies, brainstorming, masterminding, product launching, technology demystifying, implementation planning and more. Together we will download your ideal business and set up a plan to implement it.

What else do I get in a package?

  • All packages include unlimited email so that you can receive quick email support in between your coaching calls – this is an invaluable include!
  • As a package participant you also receive access to my enormous library of template resources that have created systems for very successful business owners and helped to bring in 1000’s of dollars – some of my templates are editorial calendars, budget organizers, product creation checklists, website checklists, marketing funnel plans, program/product creation guides, & more! Another invaluable include!
  • Each session is recorded and provided to client for ongoing use creating a resourceful online business tool kit.
  • You can schedule your calls at 30 minute or 60 minute increments for your ease.
  • When you are currently in a package you can add additional calls at your discounted package rate. So you lock in your low rate for the life of your package!

I know you also have an Online Business Management and Implementation firm, do my strategy hours translate to implementation hours?

We understand businesses are consistently changing so we make it easy for our bigger coaching package participants to easily transfer their coaching calls to implementation hours. Each 60-minute coaching call is equivalent to
4 implementation hours! To find out more about our online business implementation service suite.

You mention a ‘Post Call Plan of Action Document’ what is that?

In addition, to the recording most of our packages include a strategic priority plan of action delivered within 1 week after the first pre-planning call. This strategic plan will give you the visual view of our call. This is a powerful document that gives connects your goals to your priority action steps so you come out of the call with focus. This document can be shared with your team members. Integrated with existing strategic plans, added to your overall marketing plan and in our bigger packages together we will use it as the foundation for organized growth.

What else do I get when I work with you?

All my private clients are considered my special VIP and with that comes great perks! When you lock in a package above you receive access to my specially formulated templates. I have templates that help you organize your creative small business ideas. Create invaluable systems for virtual team building and help you to plan your marketing and product launches with ease. In addition, you have access to me for my special profit pulling sales copy. Whether you need assistance in creating a speech call to action, sales page copy, website copy or email marketing copy I can help. I have helped my clients bring in thousands of dollars with these two special bonuses and I am here to help you do the same!

How can I get started?

Once you have chosen your plan above, lock in your package and Melinda’s schedule through the associated purchase links provided above. Within 48 hours Melinda will personally craft a special info packet. Designed to maximize your call time. This custom info packet will give you the opportunity to brain dump your current business outlook, ideas. Issues and goals so Melinda can offer you the clarity you need for success. Once you send back that info packet Melinda will send you the next available dates/times. And get you scheduled within the next 1-2 weeks! In your first call you. Will have the option to book your entire package so you can lock in your preferred strategy time. Let the transformative online business journey begins!

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