Importance of social media in business communication

Why Should Your Business Use Social Media?

  • Changing World

Importance of social media in business communication- As technology has developed over the last decade, so has the way our world operates. We have seen a steady increase in businesses opting to ‘be online’. This might be from new start-up organizations or even some of the worldwide retailers. Everybody has seen the benefit of going digital.

  • Changing Consumers

Consumers are more likely to buy products and services online than in a shop. Ten years ago, you would not have been able to buy a handmade ring from someone using an Etsy store. Consumers can now search for products and services they want and find them, usually with next day delivery. As a result, businesses have followed suit.

  • Changing Competition

Our competition is no longer the high street shop down the road poaching your potential customers. Now, our competition is on the web and they are in the thousands. This has forced many organizations to spend on digital marketing and those who don’t, tend to get left behind.

  • Changing Advertisements

More about digital marketing – companies now look at how they can utilize search engine results. Instead of sticking an advert for your plumbing company in the local newspaper, we now make a website. And then a Facebook to promote the website.

How Can We Use Social Media in Business?

Importance of social media in business communication
Importance of social media in business communication
  • Options that Don’t Cost a Penny

Importance of social media in business communication- Social Media can be our best friend in the business. We can make a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and it will cost us nothing. Invite all your friends to like your new startup, share content often and make it valid. It is a great opportunity to advertise for nothing.

  • Options that Cost a Couple Of Pennies

If slow and steady growth isn’t for you, you can boost your posts and pay for content to be highlighted. This costs a marginal amount and may help to attract a wider audience or a specific audience.

  • Options That Cost a Pretty Penny

If you are looking to put in a lot of money towards your marketing, we suggest consulting with a digital marketing agency. This will cost you a big wad of cash but will help you to navigate the digital world of business.

  • What’s the Best Option?

Rather than look at them as one or the other, we like to see these options as a stepping stone. Treat your start up business like a baby that needs to grow, but not too quickly. Spending money should be treated like their first years at school as they develop. Spending big money should be when you want to help them through college. Slow and steady, otherwise your business will struggle to adapt.

What are the Benefits of Social Media in Business Communication?

  • Reputation

Your online reputation will determine your business reputation. If you aren’t a natural people person, get somebody else to handle social media. Some businesses thrive by simply having their personality behind their online presence.

  • Follows

The digital era has allowed business owners to reach a wide audience. Followers on Instagram and Facebook can change your business for the better. It is common knowledge that Social Media platforms, if used correctly, can generate income. They can also be a great way to spread your business’s vision.

  • Instant

The instant part of social media platforms makes generating new business instantly. No longer do you need to wait for responses to prospecting, you can have a conversation to generate a sale. Instant responses to posts and sharing of posts can also help to broaden your audience.

  • Platform to Showcase

Having a free platform to show off your products or services is an incredible positive of Social Media. Again, sometimes asking an expert to do this for you can make this a very profitable tool. Don’t post pictures on Instagram of your dog if you are a carpentry business, even if he is really cute. Unless your dog is part of your brand, this won’t aid you at all.

What are the Downfalls?

  • Watered Down

Because using social media for communicating your business is so accessible, it also means that most niches are watered down. You will, therefore, have to be smart with your content and even smarter at responding to competition.

  • Customer Messages

As we have just discussed, social media makes communication instant. If you have a website where you direct all customer inquiries, it might be wasted. Customers will private message you and expect you to deal with them instantly. If you are trying to run a startup business on your own, this can be a lot of unnecessary pressure.

  • Expectations

If you use social media appropriately for your business, expectations will be high. Again, we go back to the instant aspect of it. You might be a startup business working from your bedroom. This will not stop customers from expecting high standards and a very quick turnaround. You may not be able to keep up with demand and as a result, will let customers down. Try and keep it simple for yourself.

  • Instant

Back to this topic. The digital world is a great thing, if used correctly. Customers will want instant results, instant transactions, instant products, and service. And of course, instant communication.

Our Verdict

  • Do What You Know the Importance of social media in business communication

If you are going to build an online presence, do what you know in the beginning. Don’t try and become a social media and marketing expert overnight. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t expect to have thousands of orders from one post about the birdbox you made.

  • Stand by Your Brand

If you decide your personality is your brand, don’t waver. If your dog is part of your brand, be consistent. Your audiences’ expectations will, in some part, determine your output. We ask you to make sure that each post and image represents the brand you want to market.

  • Celebrate the Digital Era

We love that advances in digital technology have allowed us to start small businesses. We love that we can sell to people the other side of the world from our living room. So We love that if we make something or complete a successful service, we can share with people. Make sure you celebrate it too.

  • Utilize Your Resources for the Importance of social media in business communication

Social media can be a powerful tool to communicate your business products and ideas. If you aren’t a wiz with the computer, or you don’t understand marketing, maybe somebody in your team does? If you are a lone wolf, what about a family member? Use the resources you have.

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