Learn How to promote your Facebook page for free

How to promote your Facebook page for free

Starting Out

  • Introduce Yourself

How to promote your Facebook page for free- If you are just starting out, you need to build up your Facebook page content. Start by introducing your page, what you are about. It is important to introduce your brand at the beginning. This will help you when building content.

  • Introduce Your Products

Next step is to introduce your products or services. Your page should be focused on your brand and focused on what you are offering Facebook users. If your products are handmade, try adding the content of your workspace. Talk about what you are making, show off products you have sold or are for sale.

  • Keeping Up to Date

Content is super important, but more on that later. Making sure your page is up to date with contact information and your business address is key. Think about attaching your email address or a business contact number. If users like what they see, they can progress on to contact you about products or services they want.

  • Invite Your Friends

Your new Facebook page is full of information, but you are missing the key ingredient. Use your connections to build up your audience. It is always best to start with current Facebook Friends. If they like what they say, they will share your content because they are friends, after all.


how to promote your facebook page for free
how to promote your facebook page for free
  • Keep it Relevant

Once you have built up a small audience, it is important to make sure your content is regular and relevant. If you are a cabinet maker, think about posting images of your tools or workshop. It won’t make any sense to your audience if you start adding images of cars, for example.

  • Like Yourself

You’ve invited all your Facebook friends to like your new page, but most people forget to ‘like’ it themselves. Don’t forget, you are the ambassador of your business. Make sure you show yourself some support.

  • Interact with Your Audience

Making regular posts is important, your potential customers want to see what you are up to. But also, if people are interacting with your posts make sure you reply to them. This will make your audience feel good and you’ll show on other’s timelines when you have conversations with their friends. As a result, you’ll find more activity on your page.

  • Share a Link to Your Page

Make sure to regularly share the link to your page through your personal Facebook account. A good opportunity to talk about your brand. The more it shows up on people’s activity walls, the more likely they are to recognize it and get involved. So, regular activity and regularly promoting yourself is key!

Linking your Accounts

  • Utilize Your Website

If you have a website, this is great for two reasons. One, if your audience on social media wants some more information you can direct them to your website. Two, your website can direct them to your Facebook. Both help the other out!

  • Add a Plugin

Most websites with a plug in will find 70% of it’s visitors will follow the PlugIn to their Facebook feed. You can adjust what content is shown easily and it costs you nothing to do. If your business relies heavily on aesthetics, maybe link a PlugIn to your image posts. Most businesses with a lot of positive Facebook reviews from users, will add this as a PlugIn to their website. It is such an easy way of building a following and promoting the positive things about your organization.

  • Your Email Signature

I would strongly suggest adding a link to your Facebook page on your email signature. When you are prospecting for new business, this is a great way to demonstrate your talent. Also, a great tool when negotiating with a customer; they will be able to see what you are capable of.

  • Link To Your Instagram

Linking your Instagram account will broaden your audience exponentially. Make sure to post on both platforms individually though.

Keep Sharing

  • Sharing Your Own Content

Sharing your own content can be the most interactive way to reach your customers. Don’t set yourself silly goals by trying to post every day, you will just water down your content. Post interesting things about the work you are doing. Post polls to get some interaction with your audience. Ask opinions, you will open up conversations with so many potential customers.

  • Sharing Videos

Share videos relevant to your product or service; it could be your own videos or from pages you are also following. Remember, it needs to be relevant to your brand or for your audience to relate to. If its your own videos, make them personal. Customer love to see a face behind a brand; it makes them relatable.

  • Sharing Across Social Media Platforms

If you use Twitter or Instagram or even Pinterest, make sure you share your page regularly. Keep as much of the world of social media up to date on what you are up to. There are then more opportunities for your posts to be interacted with.

  • Sharing With Successful Pages

Make sure to interact with other pages. Again, audiences will see your name and may take a look at your page. And after all your hard work, the page will speak for itself.

Analyze Your Data

  • Check What Posts Do Well

Facebook Analytics is a handy tool which can help you develop your skills in marketing your business. You can see what posts have done the best with interactions from Facebook users. You might find that all your posts with images do the best. If so, well now you know to do more posts with images attached!

  • Check Out Your Audience’s Interests

Study your audience. Do you have an audience built up of DIY hobbyists? Or perhaps those that follow lots about Vegan food? By finding out more about your audience, you can develop your content to suit.

  • When Are They Online?

Facebook Analytics lets you know what time of day your posts are most popular. Figuring out when your audience is online makes it easier for you to plan when you’re going to post content. There is no point posting at 1pm in the afternoon if your posts get the most activity at 8pm.

  • Weekend Posts

Even if your business hours are Monday to Friday, make sure you schedule posts over the weekend. Social media platforms are most accessed in the evenings and over the weekend. Don’t waste an opportunity to reach your audience when they are online! Also, make your posts weekend friendly. Don’t be all business all the time.

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