2 Effective -Website Marketing Strategies

Your website marketing strategies are also a critical element of the replanting process.  So, now that you are well underway, it is a good time to start researching the different types of website strategies available to you.

There are two basic types of site strategies :

  • Mini Sites
  • Theme Based Content Sites

Mini Sites – What are They?

Good News & bad news

Simply stated, a mini website marketing strategies is a rather lengthy, very strong sales copy page leading to an order form or link.  The order form can be on the same page or may be a link, usually at the bottom, to the product order page.  Normally, a mini site is just that, mini…1-2 pages.  Some may be longer, but for the most part they are well under 20 pages.

There is no menu bar on the left or top and linking to outside sites is severely limited.  this keeps visitor distractions to a minimum.  The same is true for banners or other advertisements.  The sole purpose is to direct the viewer to purchase immediately.

Many times a mini website marketing strategies-

is an affiliate site with its sole purpose being to lead you to their merchant partner site to make the purchase.  If fairly interesting and well written (albeit a powerful sales pitch), should skillfully convince the reader to keep reading to the end driving the visitor to the product order link or the merchant site.

A great resource for learning more about affiliate sales and website marketing strategies is to send a blank email here to receive your free Affiliate Masters Course in your inbox over a seven day period.  Otherwise, if it is more convenient, you can download the free PDF ebook version of the Affilliate Masters Course.  This is more about theme based sites, but it is a great resource if you are contemplating Website marketing Strategies that might include affiliate sales.

Good News

  • Only one or two pages can be easily created with a simple template.  Some mini sites are ready to go…all you add is the traffic.
  • Easy to build yourself because the content is limited to only a few pages.
  • The mini-site is focused on one product only
  • Few outside distractions for viewers

Bad News

  • Mini sites are difficult to rank with the search engines.   In the bazillions of pages out there, a mere one or two is likely never be found (more about search engines and spiders later).  Larger, theme-based sites have a much larger net in terms of numbers of pages.
  • Basically, there is not enough content information for a spider to review.  Since the mini-site is unashamedly sales copy, content is sadly lacking making it virtually impossible for a spider to find value if the little 8-legged creature finds it at all!  Larger, theme-based sites have a much larger net in terms of quality content pages.

Link popularity is difficult at best

  • Link popularity is difficult at best. Birds of a feather flock together.  Theme based sites want to link to other value-packed content sites to increase credibility and popularity…a needed element for inclusion in your Website marketing Strategies.
  • Fewer pages mean fewer opportunities to attract traffic.

Your choice of Website marketing Strategies should line up with the goals previously identified in your business plan outline. The words “theme-based” really says it all.  Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

For our purposes, we will assume that you have focused on a “niche” within your area of inspiration.  This is what your entire website marketing strategies will focus on.

Theme-Based Sites – What are they?

Become an expert – Establish credibility and recognition.

Trust is an essential ingredient you must build into your website strategies.  The online world is very non-personal.  In other words, the primary method of the first contact your visitor has with you, your product or service, is simply what they see on the computer screen.  You have about three (3) seconds…yes, only three to keep them from going on to the next clickable

Will that next link is yours?

If your content is value-packed, then chances are your visitor will want to explore further.  Great!  Here’s your chance to show them you really know your stuff…your content is focused and interesting.  Your website is easily navigated.  With each page your visitor will begin to realize that your site is worth bookmarking; Will you get the sale today, right now?  Maybe not, but you will have your foot in the door, so to speak.

Quality and Quantity

A theme-based site is larger than the mini site.  A good theme site is a balance of quality and quantity.  It is important to have a large amount of quantity, generally between 20-200 pages. However, 200 tightly-focused theme pages give you 200 chances for the spiders to “see” you and your visitors to find you!

If your website contains 200 pages of content that are repetitive, boring, and/or covers too few/many topics, then you have sacrificed quantity for quality.  Better to have 50-100 well focused, content-rich, keyword focused pages than to have 200 that are all over the WWW parking lot!

Your Visitors  – How did they find you?

Most of your visitors will come through search engines.  To be successful in your website marketing strategies, you should ensure that your research yields targeted keywords within your theme…this simply means that these well-chosen keywords will stand the best chances of attracting those visitors looking for the quality information your site is offering.

Many affiliate sites are theme sites.  Affiliates sell other people’s products, and as such try to specialize in a few quality programs within an established theme.  We can call the links within an affiliate theme site their

Supporting documents or exhibits.

All of the valuable information within a theme site is there to make the visitor feel comfortable and secure with the quality information they are receiving.  Better known as pre-selling, it simply means establishing credibility within a chosen topic and informing visitors of facts they may have not known previously.

A theme site is an excellent way for service or product sellers to restate things in a familiar fashion so the visitor now “sees the light.”  The theme site may provide valuable link resources or a free service or subscription that the visitor feels is beneficial.

A great resource for learning more about affiliate sales and theme-based website strategies is to send a blank email here to receive your free Affiliate Masters Course in your inbox over a seven day period.

If you are a service or product merchant, send a blank email here to receive the free service Sellers Masters Course.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Theme based sites want to link to other value-packed content sites to increase credibility and popularity..A needed element for inclusion in your website marketing strategies.

Good News

  • Theme-based sites do well at the search engines – casts a wider net for spiders
  • Creates trust and credibility with the visitor by providing both quality.
  • Offers valuable resources, subscriptions, or free services within the theme-based site.
  • Provides an excellent vehicle for the affiliate marketer.
  • Diversification of links to merchant partners within the theme-based site promotes additional revenue for the service seller and affiliate marketer.
  • Properly executed theme-based sites can be quite profitable.
  • Link popularity increases as the site are considered value packed with quality information.

Bad News

  • Because of the size of a theme-based site. updating the information on a regular basis is critical to sustaining credibility.
  • Tracking affiliate program links can sometimes prove to be quite a task.
  • Interactive services might need some technical support.
  • Less expensive if you do-it-yourself. But it is time-consuming does require organizational management skills.

For an excellent guide in your website strategies and making your website profitable. Consider adding Make Your Site Sell to your e-library.


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